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In Topic: Gas Kiln + 57 Gallon Tank Of Propane..?

12 August 2016 - 12:04 PM

I fire with Propane in a medium size downdraft.  My kiln is a 36cuft downdraft with 4 75,000 BTU venture burners.  I use two 250gallon tanks in tandem to fire and I have never had a problem.  Rather than measure everything I talked to my propane provider and the dual 250's were best because of local regulations about tanks over 250.  As it turns out I get about 5 firings before the tanks are at 30% when I call to get them refilled.  I found out the hard way that if I try and fire with less than 30% the vaporization cooling is too intense and freezes too quickly.


Prior to this I had a small 8.5cuft Torchbearer type kiln with 4 venture burners.  I used two 100lb tanks in tandem.  (I do not remember the gallons, but they were the tall skinny tanks).  The consumption of propane was fine with those however I would always freeze the tanks up on the last firing, I think it was the 4th.  Which I got into trouble a few times having to pour water over the tanks to warm them up.  I hated firing that kiln and so glad it is gone. 

In Topic: Question About How Cold Bisque Can Get In Below Zero Temps

01 February 2016 - 01:51 PM

I have had the same discussion with my clay club up here is Washington.  We concluded that the question is about how porous your work is when it is completed.  If fully vitrified and non-porous (so some extent all ceramic is porous) the better it will survive freezing temps.  It all has to do with the moisture that is trapped in the ceramic.  When ice is formed in these areas it will crack the ceramic.


Not sure testing in a freezer would work, because it needs all the environment variables present in something outdoors.

In Topic: Removing Unwanted Wax Resist

28 October 2015 - 02:46 PM

I can usualy get the wax off by scraping with the edge of a metal rib, you know the one that come in every beginner kit.  Make sure you scrape deep enough to get all the wax which will mean you are digging some of teh clay body away as well.  I have never burnt it off, but I am sure that is a good route as well, just costs for time and $$.