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Looking For Honey Colored Slipware Galze Cone 6

Today, 05:51 PM

I have been trying to find a good picture on the internet of the glaze I want.  I'm inserting a link to a photo.




For those of you that are not familiar with Instagram, it is like the crack of visual reference.  If you want to look at pictures of pottery, people making pottery, using pottery, it is all there.


This is the color I am trying to get to.  So I want to make some pots with a red stoneware, dipped in white stoneware slip, and with a honey yellow glaze.  Going for a earthenware tin glazed slipware look.  I am assuming this is possible.  Just having trouble finding a yellow glaze anywhere close enough to start with.  I would really appreciate any direction that can be provided.  I have already tested several glazes.  None near what I am trying for.  Also, I have tested my white stoneware slip over the red stoneware clay.  That looks good to go.   For anyone interested in this type of work, learning to coat the red stoneware  in the white slip after being made was a tough learning curve.  Lots of cracked, broken, collapsed work. Pots must be the right level of dryness and slip cant be to watery.  Making the slip is work intensive also.  I have it down now and am paying my kids to do it.  Putting it through a screen manually just takes a lot of time.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Glazes With Alberta Slip

17 June 2015 - 11:28 PM

This week I am reading about glazes with Alberta Slip. I have been looking for a clear for my brown clay and if I can get it to look like the pictures, it should work great. I am getting my info from AlbertaSlip.com. Another glaze I really want to work is Alberta Slip, lithium, and tin. The website states that to get the pictured results that part of the Alberta Slip must be ballmilled. Does not give a percentage. While reading John Britt's book, Complete Guide To Mid-Range Glazes, he mentions that this use to be the case, but is no longer necessary due to the fine quality of raw materials now available. If anyone is interested in trying any of these glazes, John does still recommend to calcine half of the Alberta Slip.

I would like to know of anyone's experience with these types of glazes.

How Have You Used And Applied Strontium Crystal Magic?

11 June 2015 - 09:21 PM

I plan to mix up some SCM to try over and under several glazes. I plan to dip and pour. Does anyone have experience using this? Any advice or suggestions?

Spotty Glaze

08 June 2015 - 03:42 PM

I have several pieces from my last firing, both red and white stone ware, cone 6. Also, two different glazes had the same problem, with spots where the glaze came out extremely thin, just a touch of color. Its like the glaze slid off the piece. Attached is an example on the white stone ware.

Any ideas what happened?

Wollastonite Chunks In Glaze - Fix?

27 May 2015 - 03:44 PM

I have a glaze using wollastonite.  The wollastonite does not change at all it seems in the glaze slurry from the bag, insoluable.  After mixing and screening there remains a small amount of the wollasonite in the screen.  It's about a tablespoon for a 2000 gm batch of glaze.  I think the wollastonite is about 20 percent of the glaze, not sure, don't have it here. 


Questions: is this amount left in the screen significant enough to change the glaze?


I don't have a ball mill, any suggestions on getting rid of the chunks?  I know I could screen it before hand, but screening the dry powder is a nightmare.  The ceramics store person was not knowledgeable in this area (not the regular guy.)