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Can't Log On Using Samsung Tablet - Help?

22 August 2016 - 01:25 PM

Hi all,


I am not able to sit at the computer much any more and haven't been on the forum.  I bought a Samsung tablet (2014).  For some reason it will not let me log in to the forum.  I am certain of my password and information.  I have this with some other sites also.  Does anyone have suggestions?


Also,  I am having neck surgery this week. Bone spurs and two disks removed.  Then three vertebra fused.  I'm hoping for a full recovery and to back to throwing in a couple of months.  My problems are not related to throwing.  I have a degenerative disc/bone disease.  I will update periodically on my recovery for those that are faced with the idea of upcoming surgery.  I have been able to put it off for a long time by continued exercise.  Unfortunately, the Neurosurgeon is predicting I will have some permanent nerve damage. 


If anyone can help with using the tablet I would really appreciate it.


Packing Methods For Show

25 October 2015 - 02:45 PM

Hi all,

So with a few shows behind me I'm looking for packing advice. Do you pack by product? Ie: all mugs together, all bowls together, etc... or for those who have more than one color scheme, all blues together, all white, all green, etc....

I do all functional ware. Planning to narrow down to three color schemes. I packed by color. Then when I sold a green mug, I had to dig through the green boxes to find another. Thinking there must be an easier way.

I have a new glaze. Almost every person who came in my booth picked it up and commented on how beautiful it was. They would hold it and fondle it. Only one mug sold. It was only $16. I plan to make more of this glaze. But wondering if it is going to sell.

Developing Glazes As A Body Of Work

25 October 2015 - 12:40 PM

Hi all,

I have been able to consistently mix and use several glazes that I'm very happy with. Now I am trying to find a group of glazes that can be used with each other. Even if it is only two colors on an item. All my work is functional. I feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and am looking for a method to narrow down my search.

My glaze chemistry knowledge is limited as I am mostly self taught. I like glazes that run and can be over lapped. I fire cone 6 electric on white stone ware.

Thanks for any help offered.


22 September 2015 - 02:39 PM

It only took 18 months (part-time) for me to learn about glazes and how to manipulate them to get results I want.  I have read so much about glaze chemistry I feel like my head is going to exploded.  For beginners I can't say enough about how helpful John Britts book, The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes was.


I want to thank everyone here at CAD for all your help also.  So many great things have come out of this last firing even having over fired.


I am posting just one of the glazes I have come up with.


I replaced pic with a smaller one.




New Smell With Firing

20 September 2015 - 03:58 PM

Hi all,

Looking for some help. Firing my kiln today, doing something new. Doing a programmed ramp and cool down. After 250 degrees I am ramping at 500 degrees an hour to 1978 degrees (farenhieght). My kiln vent is on and appears to be working properly. The only other difference is the kiln is loaded with three new glazes. I have thoroughly tested the glazes, just never done a load of just the new glazes. Firing to a top temp of 2225. Using a cone 6 red clay, same as usual.

The problem, the studio smells, really strongly. It is a normal firing smell as in my previous place I fired in an open garage. I pulled out my respirator and am wearing it to check the kiln. Luckily the smell isn't penetrating to the rest of the house. Any ideas? My only thought is I am using glazes made with Alberta Slip. Could it be possible it has a lot of organics in it?

Thanks for any help.