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Reading The Cone

Yesterday, 01:56 PM

I have read the following, several times:




Using Orton
Pyrometric Cones
Cone Numbers 022-14
Behavior of Pyrometric Cones
Typically, it takes 15 to 25 minutes for a cone
to bend once it starts. This depends on the
cone number.
The cone bends slowly at
first but once it reaches the half way point
(3 o’clock), it bends quickly.
When the
cone tip reaches a point level with the base, it
is considered properly fired. This is the point
for which temperature equivalents are
determined. Differences between a cone
touching the shelf and a cone at the 4 o’clock
position are small, usually 1 or 2 degrees.



So if I understand this correctly, if I want to reach cone 5, and it is all the way down, and cone 6 has started to bend, then I have over fired by about half a cone. I am using large cones in a plac.


Would someone please verify that I am understanding this correctly.


Developing Brush Work

29 April 2015 - 10:44 PM

So now that I have some glazes working I want to try doing some decorative brush work. The pic I am posting is the type of inky color I am looking for. Also would like to be able to make the strokes streaky looking. My understanding is to get this look the brush work is done on top of the glaze. I have tested a 50/50 mix of iron oxide and gerstly borate on three separate glazes. Brush marks disappeared on two glazes. On the one glaze where the marks were visible after firing they were very faint. Can anyone make suggestions?

When I remember whose pot this is I will credit it unless someone has already stated it. Thanks. Oh!!!!! Michael Kline!

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Moore White - Matte

29 April 2015 - 09:58 PM

I nervously unloaded my kiln this evening. I have had three bad glaze loads in a row. I was doing the happy dance. I have been looking for a matte white for over a year to use on red clay. This is the 7th recipe I have tried. I don't know enough to try and adjust anything. I sure hope this one passes the kitchen test. It is beautiful. I don't think the pic conveys the soft smooth texture. I would like to know if there is anyway to make it break to a rust color. Add rutile? Or would this change the color a great deal? I also made test tiles on white stones are and porcelain. They look ok, but not special.

Cone 5 Clay And Glazes

20 April 2015 - 02:02 AM

I use many of the Laguna Morroccan Sand glazes. They can be bought dry which is very cost effective. They are cone 5. The clay I am using this week is cone 6 to 10. At cone 5 it is under fired. But many of the glazes cannot be fired above cone 5. With further research I have found several cone 5 clays. My pottery supplier just wasn't carrying them. Oooh The angst. What does Chris say? Try, fail, repeat, learn. That would make a really great t-shirt. So next week I will be asking my clay supplier to provide additional product selection for those who want our clay fired to maturity at cone 5.

Dressing Up The Display

11 April 2015 - 01:41 PM

I am working on my booth. I want to add a skirt to the display table. I have seen it done with Velcro, coming undone and falling off. Can anyone tell me how they keep the bottom of their tables covered? Of course I want to do this in the most economicly way possible.