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In Topic: A Little Throwing...

Today, 12:32 AM

Your Rocking It! Those pots look great. I always think the freshly thrown red clay looks sexy.😁

In Topic: On Your Mark, Get Set...christmas!

31 July 2015 - 11:44 PM

Shipping containers float. My brother's floated over a 5ft fence and into the neighbors yard before it started sinking. This was in Texas during hurricane Ike.

In Topic: Respirators, Beards, And Mixing Glazes

30 July 2015 - 10:54 PM

I use insence to test mine. I put it on, then the glasses. My glasses have hinged ear prices. The only problem is the glasses fog up from heat.

In Topic: Throwing Thickness

30 July 2015 - 10:42 PM

Thanks to all. I had a wonderful time reading all the replies. They really brightened my day.

I called my friend, explained I had heard her friends comments. She told me, "nobody listens to what that old bat has to say." I had snorted hot tea up my nose. My pain tears mixed with my laughing tears. So all is good.

Mark M., Google yunomi, there is a certain shape for them. I drink ice tea (I'm a GRIT, girl raised in the south) from them or other cold drink. I make my mugs thicker for hot tea/coffee.

Grape, when you do your test post results. When I make coffee, esp. In the winter, I preheat my cup with hot tap water. The heater is right below the kitchen and it arrives in seconds.

Raku, Chris, -insert laughing smiley face here-.

Old goober, spell check doesn't like your name. Your right, different thicknesses for different things. I remember learning to make jugs and how hard it was to keep the rim thick for the spout.

Marcie, love the new avatar. Great posts. Those pots are really nice.

Mark, it amazes me that people will buy stuff they know nothing about. My sister brought me a bowl from Mexico. I hung it on the wall. My sister asked why I wasn't using it. I told her, the list of dangerous chemicals that could be in the glaze are quite extent. I just wasn't comfortable. I am careful when buying at craft shows. I question the potter if they don't seem to have much experience about their techniques.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

In Topic: What To Do To Stimulate Creativity?

30 July 2015 - 12:52 AM

I have to agree with so many of the thoughts here. I love the Chuck Close quote. I save tons of photos from the internet. Over the years I have added and deleted. So what remains is a catalogue of ideas that represent a style I wish to emulate.

Marci, you ever know someone who couldn't stand to be alone or not doing something? I taught my kids how to focus and study. It was hard. Now teenagers they know how, and that they can, learn anything.

I always feel life is to short and I will never get to make all the pots I have in my head.