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In Topic: Saggar

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

What are all of you (ya'll) using sa g ers for?

Funny spelling because spell check has taken control.

In Topic: Trouble With Dried Out Glaze

Yesterday, 07:11 PM

Wow. Great advice. I have some real chunky stuff to deal with.

In Topic: Thickening Iron Oxide

Yesterday, 07:09 PM

I have been experimenting with brushing on oxides. Sometimes I add a pinch of ball clay. It's ok. Better is using some slip I keep on hand all the time. Just a small amount then adjust for flow with water. I use to paint. I have acrylic medium on hand. It's like acrylic paint but dries clear. This works well esp. For fine line work. You add water to it to dilute.

In Topic: How Best To Dry Reclaimed Dried Clay After It Has Been Processed Into Wet Clay

Yesterday, 12:51 PM

I recycle small batches. I use a large bowl that has only been bisque. I place several layers of newspaper underneath. Watery clay in, clay ready for wedging out the next day. I do change the newspaper once or twice. And my room has a ceiling fan.

In Topic: What Are You Working On?

27 July 2014 - 08:08 PM

I  have been working on drinking beer and watching the sun set.  On vacation.  Was in Texas seeing family last week.  Hotter than the door to hell.  They had all the pottery I had sent up on shelves on "display."  I told them if they didn't take it down and use it there would be no more.