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Any Tips for Studio Organization/Efficiency?

15 January 2013 - 09:11 PM

Hi All,

It's about time I think about seriously re-organizing my studio to help make it more efficient and fun to work in. I find I'm always hunting around for things or walking from one place to the next, or cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

My request to all of you, is if you could share a tip or something you've implemented in your studio that helped make you more efficient. For example... do you have a creative way of organizing the space around your wheel, storing tools, etc. (Pictures are most welcome!!) Or... how do you organize your sink area/keep that clean? I just have a large basin sink with no drain and am keeping a bucket underneath to collect clay scraps... but... it's a pain in the ass to clean! I feel like I am cleaning it more often than I care to. Any tips for recycling or disposing of clay? Do you have a creative way of storing your clay, glazes or tools? Do you use buckets or plastic bins or shelves, etc... Have you built something yourself that helps?? I'm especially interested in those who have very tiny studios and have had to come up with clever ways to maximize the usage of the space.

Any tips would be most appreciated... I'm looking for some inspiration/creative ideas.