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In Topic: Glaze Application - Cracks

17 August 2016 - 03:14 AM

Yay! Not a crack in sight! Thank you allπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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In Topic: Glaze Application - Cracks

17 August 2016 - 01:20 AM

How I love this forum - wake up to find all this advice, it's great!

I washed off the old glaze last night. The pot is drying off in the airing cupboard. I added a small quantity of sodium silicate to my bucket of glaze.

First time round I did wipe the pot before pouring the inside - and NOW ....
I'll try dipping a test tile as you suggest Babs and will dampen the pot by wiping again before a second pouring attempt.

That means I've followed the advice of everyone above. Watch this space!

In Topic: Glaze Application - Cracks

16 August 2016 - 05:14 PM

Thanks Joseph. Do you know the UK equivalent of Darvans?

In Topic: Firing Bisque & Glazed Pieces Together

16 August 2016 - 01:55 PM

I've done this lots of times without a problem. As suggested, keep bisque and glazing on different shelves.

In Topic: Making A New Batch Of Sapphire Blue

16 August 2016 - 03:27 AM

I'm with you Babs! I used slightly different Maths and got to 3.2g in a 100g sample.