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In Topic: Hot Wax Setup

19 June 2015 - 07:10 AM

Beautiful tiles Old Lady - how did you decorate them?

In Topic: Preheat Time For Single Fire Cone 6 (Tonight Or Very Early Tomorrow Morning...

15 June 2015 - 02:08 AM

Hope all goes well today LeeU.

In Topic: Idea For A "hall Of Fame" Catagory...

14 June 2015 - 03:36 AM

That was my first thought too Pres - it's all very subjective.

I use the 'follow this topic' button, but hadn't realised I could check back in everything I'm following. I suspect I'm not using the search facility properly as I've found it hard in the past to locate things I know are there. Will investigate further......

On another matter - I'm very conscious that I'm sometimes reading stuff on here when I'd be better off DOING in the studio. You know - hear & forget; see & remember; do & understand. What is it about procrastination that means we even do it with things we like doing, no only those we don't???

In Topic: Preheat Time For Single Fire Cone 6 (Tonight Or Very Early Tomorrow Morning...

14 June 2015 - 03:10 AM

Thanks Diesel - this must be what I'd found in my research when I was trying to resolve my glazing issues, but I'm thinking I got 525 & 575 confused somehow. I got into such a stress with glazes crazing and cracking a couple of years back, that I bought a digital controller and came up with a program that went carefully through ALL the 'dodgy' phases incorporating every bit of advice I found. This included a slow start, slow through Quartz inversion, slow for the last 150o, a hold, AND firing down! However, this means that I've never really identified which thing resolved the problem! Should I go slowly from about 570 to 600oC then and the same on the way down through Quartz inversion? I can feel a bit more brain work coming on! At the time I was happy to have got rid of the crazing but I knew I'd over-complicated the firing program so I've simplified it a bit now and will review again.

Such an intuitive potter Pres - no doubt from years of experience! Sounds like a lot of babysitting the kiln. I'm now going to match up your colours with temps on my chart and see how my firing program matches up.

Thanks all for sharing your expertise.

In Topic: Preheat Time For Single Fire Cone 6 (Tonight Or Very Early Tomorrow Morning...

13 June 2015 - 01:13 PM

As I thought then - thanks for the confirmation Joel, but 'under 100oC for a while' could mean lots of things! My first ramp is generally 100oC up to 525oC (I'm sure there was some significance in this - is it the chemically bound water thing? I THINK it was more important to leave out the bungs for glaze firing - ?can spoil the glaze, but am not certain. I do understand about getting the moisture out of greenware in the bisque firing, too.)
Old Lady - I've mixed bisque and glaze firings too - when the temps work out, and have also never had a problem. However my glazing is pretty basic stuff - no special effects or the like.
Pres - the mirror works perfectly for me and I've been surprised by how hot the kiln can be and still have moisture coming off what I'd have said was bone dry ware! At 525oC (977oF) there's never moisture, but I've still seen it at 400oC. I find the mirror reassuring as its so visual - guess you just have sensitive hands!!