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Today, 02:35 AM

Love the inside glaze!
I'd do this at wet leather hard stage. Use a pointed blade or pin tool to mark the line and gradually go deeper until you can cut it off. Finish with damp finger tip or sponge.
If you you want a much finer feathered top edge, the whole process can be done with wet fingertips pinching and pinching more and more (keep wetting fingers) until edge is as fine as you want.

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17 October 2014 - 04:23 PM

Old Lady - I do have mud, I can assure you! See the bucket under my wheel? It can go from empty to full very quickly on a 'bad throwing day'. As a newbie and this being a hobby that I don't get to daily, means progress is slow - sometimes I can sit down and throw a dozen bowls, another day I may only end up with 3 (and a full bucket to reclaim)! As I carve and build on to my thrown pieces it can take me a few weeks to get 12 bowls from start to finish. None of the processes are sure-fire successes, every step is still a learning experience and therefore progress is slow. And as this is a bedroom I HAVE to keep it clean, otherwise I'd have clay dust all through the house, so there's a lot of time spent on recycling, damp wiping and mopping, in amongst the making. Good job it's just a hobby or my hourly rate would be ridiculous.
Having gone through a year making things that got no further than my shelves or the bin, then a second year of gifts to friends and family, and prizes for Lady Captain's Day at the Golf Club, I have just had my first sales - 7 pieces, to friends. I need to get a lot quicker and hone my skills to take it further, but that's the luxury of being a hobby potter. I don't need to sell to put food on my plate, one piece just buys the next bag of clay, or offsets the electric & water bills! Playing with mud....love it!

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17 October 2014 - 12:13 PM

Spare 'bedroom'. Water from family bathroom next to this room. Kiln in the garage. It works for me!Attached File  image.jpg   46.66KB   9 downloadsAttached File  image.jpg   46.8KB   7 downloads

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11 October 2014 - 03:39 AM

Hsin-Chuen Lin's YouTube videos are just amazing - such care, precision and attention to detail. Many lessons for us newbies to be learnt there. I just love them! Thanks for posting this one.

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02 October 2014 - 02:46 PM

I don't have a 'reply' option, just the heading for the text box 'Reply to this topic', in which I am now typing. I have 'post' and 'More reply options' at the bottom of the box. More reply options bring up the tick box to enable emoticons, but they're nowhere to be seen. Could it be something to do with Ipad?