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Today, 04:56 AM

Yes Paul - I've learnt to do most of this - my scrap buckets are labelled, I make notes, but they're a bit random and need to be more systematic, I take photos (sometimes) and my shelves are labelled! For it to be foolproof, I need to develop a more systematic system!!! I tried to rationalise my notebooks about a year ago, but found it difficult to let go of my original journal which contained everything - design ideas in the front, photos, pictures for inspiration in the middle, technical stuff - clay and glaze notes, firing etc. etc. at the back. It worked in the early days, then I started looking at mixing my own glazes and trying different clay bodies and making different pieces so I got more notebooks - and tried separating out all the different things. This was an academic exercise in its own right and it's still not perfect so I'll keep on honing it!

What's got you up so early in the morning?

In Topic: Visually Identifying Clay Bodies

Today, 03:31 AM

I've had the same problem with my own experimental pieces, having moved from a smooth white earthenware to a white stoneware. I had bisqued pieces made from both on my shelves and wasn't sure about one particular bowl. After transparent glazing (I hedged my bets and went for something with a wide firing range, in case you're wondering!) I could tell it was stoneware by the weight, predominantly. This problem arose because I don't make a large quantity of work at any one time, so have things sitting around - in damp boxes, or on the shelves waiting to be finished, and I've learnt that despite what I think at the time, if I don't label, or make notes, or have a system, I DON'T always remember what's what!!!

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30 April 2015 - 04:57 AM

Unsuccessful glaze firings are so demoralising! I admire your tenacity Chantelle and think you've found a good one here.

I know just what you mean when you say you don't know enough to adjust something. I feel exactly the same - having just made the leap, to try mixing my own glazes. I sort of know that I need to find a half decent glaze recipe then use it as the basis for further testing. It's just, where to start? Which ingredient(s) to vary? What will make it shinier. etc. etc. I feel as if I need to stop making other pieces for a time and concentrate fully on glazing, otherwise I just get into a muddle and lose my thread. If I can bring myself to do it I'll make a ton of test tiles, get them bisqued and then hatch a glaze testing plan. It's just so tedious!!!

No answer to your rust query I'm afraid - good luck!

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28 April 2015 - 02:36 AM

Thanks Ann - somehow the cropped photo pulled in nice and big AND clear. I work on my IPad and the photos are taken on it too, not sure if that makes a difference, There are obviously various ways of doing this. Next time, I'll try your route!

I've done refires before and had success, but probably mostly to correct under firing or rapid cooling (I think). It was Marcia's possible explanation as it being 'burnt' that just made me think this might be an irreversible change. I'll put it in the next firing, as yu say, nothing to lose.

In Topic: Bubbles In Glaze

27 April 2015 - 04:44 PM

Just a thought - is there any mileage in refiring this at a lower temperature, or is it officially 'dead' ?