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In Topic: Help With Designing A Simple Handle For Mugs For A Class

21 January 2016 - 05:05 PM

I made one of these. - easy and quick


In Topic: How I Pack Pots For Shipping

02 December 2015 - 03:44 PM

Thank you for sharing -- shipping is so scary for me. . .

I saw a great post using egg cartons 



In Topic: What Were Your Most Successful Pottery Trades?

05 November 2015 - 11:14 AM

I trade consistently for clinical massage and acupuncture - I would not justify such an expensive once a month treatment without being able to trade - and it keeps me in better shape to keep working. Our usual trade is dinnerware (about $60 in pottery retail price for each treatment)- but there are a few requests like a shallow long planter I am working on right now.

In Topic: Nilserik Stool From Ikea

03 November 2015 - 12:25 PM

I have been keeping my eye out at second hand shops and on craigslist for something similar to what you suggested Clay Lover but have not yet found it. . . guess the search will continue. Thank you

In Topic: Coloring B-Mix 5 Clay With Copper Carbonate

01 June 2015 - 01:11 PM

You are in the midwest like me, and if your weather has been anything like mine, the humidity is making it impossible for me to recycle clay in my normal time frame. . . might just be the weather. Don't know anything about the coloring. . .