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Glazing bubbles...help ? :/

03 April 2013 - 12:40 PM

Hello to everyone ! My name is Penny. I've been throwing for a number of years and changed to stoneware about a year ago. I decided to invest big time and bought a ton of ingredients to make my own glazes. I've made progress and have some good results starting to happen. Actually.. That was until about 3 weeks ago. It started with a pot with a few bubble craters. Over the next few firings, it's getting worse. It's with all of the glazes in this last kiln load. They all have bubbles and now on top of that, I'm getting a strange texture across most of the pots. It's almost like someone blew something over the pots. If the pot was covered, the inside was fine.
I fire to cone 5 with orton cones. (Not rich enough for a fancy dancy kiln. ) I'm using Sybil clay with speckles. All of my glazes have worked on previous firings. ...but this is my first kiln load of everything being altered with additional glazes. Basically... Why am I getting more and more bubbles and craters? Why did the entire kiln load get this weird surface texture?
I'm enclosing photos of 3 samples. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you !,,,!

How to measure out chemicals for glazing

18 June 2012 - 02:53 AM

I am new at making my own glaze from scratch and I am confused in regard to the mathematics of percentages/grams of materials needed. (EXAMPLE of 2 "fake" glazes )..
10 percent ferro frit.
30 percent epk,
60 percent feldspar.
NOT A REAL RECIPE... ok so I get that I need to measure out each ingredient to make a total of 100 percent. Well what if I want to make 5 gallons of the glaze.. how to I compute it into gallons needed?? And on top of that what if the recipe calls for extra ingredient's after 100% of whats needed is computed.

10 grams ferro frit,
30 grams epk,
60 grams feldspar. Equaling 100.

Well 100 grams does not make very much at all. I need buckets. Obviously I will make the small amounts first so I can test tile everything but when I'm ready ( I'm past ready), I will need enough to do over 100 pots in various colors..etc..

In short, what if I want a 5 gallon bucket of the glaze. Maybe I should request for totals of a 1 gallon bucket. I can just do the ingredients x 5 to get 5 gallons. I do have a very nice triple beam scale that I got recently. I feel pretty stupid asking the community for the help but I have been looking for a week now on how to figure this out..no answers so here I am.
Kind regards and thank's for any input.
( I knowwwww that I'm not "stupid" , I'm just a middle aged gal who hasn't used her math skills since Jr College :)