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In Topic: Looking For Reviews Of Bill Van Gilder Dvds

04 October 2014 - 12:59 AM

4 or 5 years ago, Bill Van Gilner had made a bunch of videos for TV. I watched them over and over and over..till I could remember them in my sleep. His DIY programs were a hit but budget cutbacks canceled any more recordings. The DIY channel wouldn't sell the rights for the videos back to him so he began making his own copyrighted projects and selling them. I've seen most of them and I can tell you- they are ok for beginners. At that time, I was just getting back into clay so I took the 7 hr trip to his seminar in Atlanta about 3 years ago, I was so excited to meet him and hopefully pick up some 1on1 tips. That didn't happen. All of his instruction was a little rushed. He seemed bored with everything and most of all, he talked about how great he was- for hours. It was so bad, we only stayed for 1 day even though we paid for 2. I will admit that for complete beginners, his stuff is ok. There were some tips that certainly helped as I was just getting back into clay back then. Now with that said, there are TONS of FREE videos on Utube that give the exact same instructions with most of the videos that Bill Van Gilner charges big $ for. If you want to just send him some money for the video collections, you might learn something, but it's free for the looking online. Good luck!