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How To Troubleshoot Kiln Problem

30 September 2014 - 07:19 AM

My(never used sat in a shed for 20yrs) B23H 240v Cress KIlnsitter could not reach temperature on Monday.  This was my 16th firing only.

What are steps to take to isolate problem?

1)  4 elements...top 2 are not working. Can I assume probably not elements since 2 would not go at same time and previous firing was within usual  firing time.

2) 2 Pilots ...bottom comes on and starts cycling  on/off.  Can hear the snapping and popping noise.

Top pilot light on... no noise.

3)  Going to take off control cage today (pretty dirty in there)  ..Am I looking for a broken wire?  And can anybody give me the most likely scenario and steps to take.


Hopefully I can fix this myself.