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In Topic: a simple cone 6 transparent glaze that takes color well

27 June 2013 - 11:18 AM

I'm just another old lady just started dabbling in clay. I'm just starting to figure out the glaze testing and have a quick question. I like the way you are setting up your tests. I was using 100 gm batches of base and adding the colorants 1-5%..... 10gms sounds better not so much leftover sitting around. I had a lot of crazing on my tests and now have cups of glazes with no place to go.

You wrote " i then use my ohaus scale and weigh out 10 grams which is about a tablespoon of glaze, add 2 1/2 grams of stain, dip a test tile. another 10 grams with 5% grams of stain, dip a test tile. as you can see, i get a lot of tests from only 100 grams of base. sometimes when test tiles are scarce i have dipped one long side in the 2 1/2% and the other in the 5%. there are now at least 48 of these tests on a string"

But...If you have 10gms base and want to add 2.5% wouldn't that only be .25gm not 2 1/2 grams of stain??

Only pointing this out for newbies since i was doing tests and mixed up colorants for 1000gm bases instead of 100gms. Fortunately I liked those test samples and have 1000gms of some nice glazes.

Please correct me if I'm out of line here.

In Topic: a simple cone 6 transparent glaze that takes color well

27 June 2013 - 11:06 AM

I LOVE the library! So much knowledge just sitting there waiting for you. Books have always been my best friends... Probably understandable why my daughter became a librarian! When I moved here I was pleasantly surprised to find a great little library in this tiny town and its connected to all the libraries in Georgia so I can request whatever books I want and they show up at my library. In fact when I signed up for my first pottery class this year I went through and reserved a bunch of books thinking it would be like in the big city or worse and take months to get them to trickle in to my branch. Well about a week later I get a call from the librarian and she asks me if I could please come pick up my books... All 19 of them! They all showed up the same day and they didn't have room to keep them sitting there. The librarians and I have since become friends and I get the copies for my UG transfers done there and they always ask what I am currently working on. They even had someone give them a bunch of books on ceramics and they didn't have room for them so offered them to me which I thought was super nice of them to do. I need to take a few pieces up to show them since they have asked me to put together a display of my stuff when I have enough to do so.

I will see if I can get a copy of the books you mention from the library. I too have checked out the same books several times before deciding I just need to buck up and buy my own copy.

Oh and yes pottery IS a wonderland I feel like I did the first time I took a painting workshop years and years ago all those colors and textures were just sitting there waiting for me to know what to do with them. My only problem is I don't feel like I am learning fast enough there's so much I want to do and try but for now am having to keep my shapes fairly simple to have any success at all. The studio I have joined has a gallery where I can sell my stuff but I don't feel anywhere near ready for that. I am hoping maybe I will be ready for simple stuff like ornaments by the holidays but everyone else there has so much experience and talent it is very intimidating.

You are so lucky to have been able to do pottery for so long!


In Topic: Second bisque firing

19 June 2013 - 06:14 PM

I guess what is confusing is ?? the water from a not dry pot is different than the water vapor coming out later when really heating up???
There is no way these pots were not dry since I candled them also.
Just trying to understand what is going on in the kiln. No steam on mirror at all on low... but literally wet at med???

In Topic: Second bisque firing

18 June 2013 - 11:00 AM

Thanks..... so the water vapor on the mirror really doesn't matter?