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Hi. I'm pretty much a beginner myself, trying to learn. I wasn't a chisel/knife carver, I was a power carver using Foredom carving tools. I was self-taught, and I had a Foredom, so.....! I have ~ 25 clay carving tools and use only 6 or 7 most of the time, so I haven't been tempted to dull my handful of knives & chisels! I have used the Foredom on underfired clay with ...
Oct 04 2012 04:45 PM


Are you using your wood carving tools in clay? PS: despite what it says, I'm just beginner who asks far too many questions and does almost everything in violation of all the rules , just to see what will happen -and if you really can't. :)
Oct 04 2012 02:29 PM

Idaho PotterIsculpt

I, too, started as a woodcarver, then worked my way through all sorts of media--ending with clay. I also work with paper clay--do you work wet, dry or both? Did you get a wood base that worked for you?
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