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In Topic: Help Me Decide What To Do About A Cracked Kiln Lid

29 July 2014 - 07:48 PM

If you look at Olympic's website http://www.greatkiln..._PRICE_LIST.pdf , you can see what they charge for a lid in the replacement parts page.  That would give you an idea about the $100 credit offer, which sounds low to me, especially when you consider shipping from Georgia to South Carolina.  But, that's just for your information.  I also recommend getting the lid replacement.



Thanks for that link.  It looks like I'd pay nearly $400 for a lid plus shipping on 120 lbs AND I'd have to install it.  I agree; not a good deal.   Jayne

In Topic: Help Me Decide What To Do About A Cracked Kiln Lid

29 July 2014 - 03:36 PM

Thanks to all of you who weighed in. I really appreciate the advice.  I want to make life easy for others, but it sounds like in this case it would be a foolish sacrifice on my part just to save the seller inconvenience.


In Topic: Help Me Decide What To Do About A Cracked Kiln Lid

29 July 2014 - 02:53 PM

I'm having a hard time seeing the crack in the photo. It looks like there's one that runs from the center hole to the edge? The screw in the brick probably had nothing to do with the actual crack starting, it was just a good place for it to go. IFB are so soft that a screw won't split them. Hairline cracks are normal, and not an issue unless they go all the way through.


Using mortar to repair a lid crack is pretty worthless in my opinion. It's going to be a weak spot. If they promised a new lid, then they should send a new lid. If you agreed to install it, then you will have to do that. It won't be all that difficult to do, just time consuming with a lot of screws to put in.

Neil, thanks for weighing in. You won't be able to see the crack that was the original issue because it was repaired with mortar which totally masked it.  The original large crack actually radiated from the screw.  The  hairline crack now running front to back on the lid has nothing to do with the original crack. It seems unanimous that I need to replace the lid. I'll share this consensus with the seller in an email right away. I don't expect any trouble, but we will see.   Jayne

In Topic: Help Me Decide What To Do About A Cracked Kiln Lid

29 July 2014 - 01:18 AM

Schmism, Emails about the lid were exchanged between Jinny, the owner of the ceramics supply business and myself, but the final resolution was communicated verbally.  I know, I know to get this stuff in writing but she's been in business a long time and I trust her.  She spoke with the owner of Olympic and was promised a replacement, but told that it would be delivered in several months at their convenience. She was emphatic that she didn't want her kiln installer to replace the kiln lid, but rather someone from Olympic, which makes things even more complicated for Olympic.  This lid came with the metal parts already attached but I'm guessing a replacement would not.(?)


To add more information, when I contacted her recently about the lid, she offered me $100 credit in lieu (no doubt to save some hassle with Olympic).  But my concern is that the crack could reappear and get much worse.


Mark, I've attached photos of the hinge and the location of the original crack which was at the front of the lid where the two left-hand screws are holding on the metal plate.  The crack was on top, didn't go all the way through and was clearly caused by the screw being driven into the brick.  (As a woodworker, I've seen that same thing happen when a hole isn't pre-drilled in hardwood before a screw is driven in.) The seller repaired it with kiln mortar before delivering it because it was understood that I'd be using it until the replacement came, so there is no trace of the original crack.  In one photo you can see a crack on the inside of the lid, but it doesn't originate at that screw, so I guess it's not related....


What I'm wondering is the likelihood of the crack reappearing after all these months, and how serious (costly) it could be.  I am assuming that a crack that went all the way through the brick, top to bottom would necessitate replacing the lid for someone like me who is light years away from being able to repair a kiln?


Thanks for any advice.....Jayne

In Topic: What Are You Working On?

27 July 2014 - 10:52 PM

Wow, Pres, those wedding jars are fabulous. I hope neither couple ever gets divorced because there's gonna be a nasty custody battle!  Seriously, a wedding gift that wonderful is well worth the wait, as I'm sure your friends would agree.


And thanks, Rebel, yeah it's really a teapot. The head and chest of the farthest girl lifts off so water can be poured in..  I love your your carved piece and the one with flames too. It made me want to create something with flames! When I was a wood carver, I made a wall piece with an angel hanging upside down over flames. The first time I took it to a show, a woman stood just outside my booth and yelled "blasphemy".  I pointed out that just above the flames was a spigot and holy font in case the flames got too high. She was not amused.