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Transparent glaze problems

21 November 2012 - 10:45 AM


I have a problem with transparent glaze which needs quite thin application.

I was testing it (dipping) on unfired pieces and it turned ok. They accepted exactly right amount of glaze, just perfect, eved overdips evened out great, no blisters, no pinholes, no problems at all.
Then for "the real pieces" ;) I tried dipping the bisque pieces and it did not work. The bisque pieces accepted too much glaze, I had to wash them and pour only the inside (it is easier to control the thickness I think) then I sprayed the outside. Even slightly wet pieces (from washing) accepted to much glaze. I also tried diluting the glaze a little, which did not help much...
Pieces came out partially ok, about 30% ok, others had too much glaze. Just for the record I am not counting to 5, I pour the glaze inside the cup and immediatelly pour it out.
I am talking cups, jars and teapots here.

My question is should I dilute the glaze even more?
I would LOVE to dip, but the pieces are to fragile to go unbisque, and I am worried to ruin the underglaze... it is so so time consuming to do both (dip inside and spray outside)
I was watching youtube (Simon Leach glazing teapots) and drooling :)

What can I do, any suggestions?
thanks in advance!