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#32219 Gas kiln won't heat up above 650C/1200F

Posted by INYA on 04 April 2013 - 01:32 PM

ok here are pictures...
65x65 cm x 50 cm height + the lid

insulation 16 cm wall, upper hole 10 x 10 cm, the same hole for the burner

It really did quite a good job, I was firing with two shelves and about the same element for measuring temp you have
BUT I got tired of sitting by the side every time... and now it is all alone in the garage
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#32128 Gas kiln won't heat up above 650C/1200F

Posted by INYA on 03 April 2013 - 01:23 PM

I have very very similar kiln (it is vertical, not horizontal and without the drum- constructed only from wires, actualy fence material- wire forming little squares. Mb burner is at the bottom and the hole is on top)

I had the same problem but I was stupid enough to reduce its size (was very sorry later)- the point is that the burner has to be outside and there has to be another hole ( I do not see it from your pics ) which has to be big enough.
You will need to introduce LOT of air, in reduction your temp will not rise normally.

* I just saw you do not understand reduction- it is firing without enough oxigen, the flames that go out of the kiln are blueish, not orange. It is one of big advantages of gas kilns but they are more popular at the end of firing, not in the middle- you can get many interesting colors, glaze efects etc. we are talking reducing versus oxidizing athmosfere in the kiln.

So I reduced the size and nothing happened ;( I even bought bigger burner and that did not help either
and then I doubled the size of the upper hole I got to 1250 Celsium easily (if I wanted I could get there in about 4 hours
I am sure you have the same problem = not enough oxigen. Consider making your exit hole bigger- but plan some kind of lid in case you will need reducing athmosfere in the future
hope this helps a bit

greetings from slovenia Posted Image