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Raised Enamel

14 December 2015 - 01:12 PM

China painters use a compound called raised enamel to create texture on glazed surfaces.  This is then fired(post glazing) to a very low temperature - around cone 018 or slightly higher.  It can be colored with China Paint stains to give colored texture.  Does anyone out there have a recipe for this compound?  It is commercially available but usually comes in very small quantities which makes experimentation on large surfaces a bit extravagant.

Building A Bead Firing "tree"

26 November 2015 - 01:05 PM

I recently read a description of a bead tree that someone made to fire their glazed beads and pendants.  However, I forget where and roaming around online has not turned up anything.  My major questions are a) what guage nichrome wire to use, and B)  where to buy the wire?   I can pretty well recall the other pertinent parts so I would really appreciate your help with the other two factors.  Thanks for being there and have a lovely Thanksgiving day, Joan.

Monoprinting Onto Clay

22 September 2015 - 06:05 PM

Does anyone have any handy hints for improving my monoprinting adventures? I have spent a couple of days painting sumi e-like images onto newsprint and then attempting to transfer the images onto clay slabs. So far all of my clay slabs have been coated with a thin coat of white slip, the images were painted onto newsprint using Amaco Velvet black underglaze, and then this covered with a couple of coats of the same white slip. None of my attempts have been super successful, all have required extensive touch ups of the clay slab images. Perhaps the least successful was when I allowed the underglaze painted images to dry overnight before I proceeded to covering with slip and attempting the transfer. It seemed like the underglaze had bonded quite firmly to the newsprint and didn't want to leave. Any suggestions - different paper for the initial image painting, different drying stages for slip on paper or clay slab etc? I'd love to see some of your results if you have tried this technique. Joan Klotz.

Paper Clay And Electric Kiln

15 April 2015 - 09:25 AM

I recently bought Lana Wilson's new DVD (as a reward to myself for finishing my income tax return) and noted that she uses paper clay to form pieces from her delightfully decorated slabs.  It would be really fun to attempt some of Lana's techniques but I am restricted to the use of an electric kiln.  Is the burn off of the paper in paper clay going to damage my kiln?  Venicemud