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Pottery Wheel Repair

28 April 2014 - 06:28 PM

I need advice.  This afternoon, as I was throwing a piece, a strange noise suddenly emerged from under my wheel, a Pacifica GT800.  I unplugged the wheel, unscrewed the bottom cover/plate? and discovered that the turntable turned due to the efforts of four rubber belts, and one was broken.  I called Laguna and a very nice man assured me that it was no big deal, that I could buy a new belt for about $7 and that I should be able to put it on myself.  Later, I called Laguna again to ask if I could use the wheel with just the three remaining belts temporarily.  A new nice man answered and said yes but when I said that I wanted to order a new belt he told me that I should replace all four.


My questions:  Should I replace the broken belt or all four?  Is it reasonable to think that an old (78)

lady could replace all those belts?  I have managed to replace elements, thermocouples and relays on my kiln but my hands are arthriticy and it looks as if belt replacement might require quite a bit of manual strength.  I would appreciate your input  and opinions,  Joan.

Coefficient Of Exxpansion

30 December 2013 - 06:06 PM

I have just opened a new (for me) bag of clay, Laguna B3 Brown.  A little late in the day I decided to check the clay's characteristics and found that it has what seems to be a high COE - 7.25 x 10-6.  Is this likely to create any problems when glazing?  Mostly in the past I have used   the Laguna cone 5 B mix and B mix with grog.  Thanks for being there.  Joan.

Yellow Ochre

07 September 2013 - 11:06 AM

Is there a difference between yellow ochre and yellow iron oxide?  I want to make up a test batch of Hannah's Fake Ash glaze but it calls for yellow ochre which I don't have in my pantry and which Laguna does not have in its online catalogue.  They do have yellow iron oxide listed however.


Thanks, Joan Klotz (Venicemud)