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In Topic: Ceramics Art Daily Html Page Issue

12 July 2014 - 05:50 PM

I am having a different problem with Ceramic Arts Daily recently.  If they post a clip from one of the DVDs they are selling and I click on it I can see the action but cannot hear the artist presenter.  This also happens if I go to Youtube and enter the artist's name and the relevant subject info.  However, if I go to Youtube and click on something unrelated to Ceramic Arts Daily I can both see and hear everything!  Has Ceramic Arts Daily changed something?

In Topic: ? Secret Ingredient In Underglaze?

02 July 2014 - 09:38 AM

For years I have used the Mason Stain Co system that Vince described in an earlier response and you don't need to make up "gallons".  I mix up the dry ingredients  in an amount convenient for my needs and store in one container. I do add about 2% bentonite to this dry mix.  I mix up the wet ingredients - liquid CMC (either purchased wet or made up by myself), antifreeze and water, and store in a bottle.  I'm not as precise as Vince when making up the underglaze (sorry Vince but it works for me), I take a generous tablespoonful of the dry mix and a not so generous  tablespoonful of the stain and mix, then gradually mix in the liquid (giving the bottle a quick shake first) until I have the consistency that I like.  The wet and dry mixes can be stored for years - I speak from experience - and the underglazes made from them can, of course, be made up in larger batches if you are more productive than I.  I do feel that the underglazes are smoother if pushed through an 80 mesh sieve - that's the most time consuming part.  Joan.

In Topic: Getting The Perfect Gloss From Terra Sig.

18 June 2014 - 09:17 AM

Years ago I took a workshop with Juan Quezada in Mata Ortiz and there we burnished with baby oil.  I asked Juan why he used baby oil and he said (via a translater) because it smells better.

In Topic: Developing A Cookware Clay Body

02 May 2014 - 09:18 AM

If you want to develop your own flameproof clay body  don't read any further, but if you want to buy one you might consider mica clay.  I have bought the red mica clay from New Mexico clay company and made cookware that was used over an open flame and on an electric stove - also in the oven.  The ware is not glazed and does stain with use, but can be refired(I suppose - never did it) to burn out organics.  It was a fun clay to use but if you are selling cookware I'd listen to Neil. Joan.

In Topic: Pottery Wheel Repair

28 April 2014 - 10:38 PM

Thanks to all of you for your input.  Repairing my kiln was easy(ish) because its an L&L and they have Youtube videos that show you how, I don't think Laguna is that helpful.  Their nice ccustomer relations man did say that if I got the belt(s) he could talk me through it on the phone though - my worry was re my hand strength, if the belts had to be stretched or something, by hand, I'll give it a go and if all else fails I'll go play the helpless little old lady trick in front of one of my stalwart neighbors.  Joan