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Moving Down The Pyrometer To Cone 5/6

27 January 2015 - 02:44 PM

I have always done cone 10/11 in gas or wood.  About a year ago I took a workshop on Cone 5/6 glazes and have been experimenting ever since.  I have developed a number of mid-range glazes along with slips and washes that are really awesome.  I also bought two electric kilns to support my new passion.  However I still have a large Cone 10 gas kiln that I still periodically fire to cone 10 reduction. 

I want to test firing the gas kiln in oxidation to cone 6, so I can utilize the kiln more often and fire more pieces for less money.  Do you have any idea how close I can come to creating the same glaze results in the gas kiln as to what I am getting in the electric kilns?  I have done some research on this but have not been able to find any definitive answers and hate to risk a whole kiln load without having a better understanding of the likely results.