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#39230 What Do You Do With Your Pottery 'seconds'?

Posted by ~howdy~ on 19 July 2013 - 01:46 AM

I send the items (mostly bowls, covered dishes, casseroles, and platters) that do not measure up to my standards to a friend who runs a plant nursery.  There they make planters out of them - usually covering up any flaws I found, and the plants become the main focus. I barter the pots for plants so we both win.  


I find there are people who appreciate different things in every pot and have been surprised how some pots I just was disappointed in are admired by others.  When the pot is no longer the element of attention but in partnership with other materials/plants it is a good symbiotic unit.  If I don't feel a flawed pot is good enough for turning into a planter I use it for target practice at the gun range.