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In Topic: Advice On Firing My L&l E23T To Cone 10?

21 November 2016 - 04:59 PM

First chance I've had to check back on this discussion. Thank you VERY much to all so far who have answered. And to neilestrick especially—truly a revelation I have to study further, that I can reformulate the Heino Turquoise for cone 6. I will have to do much studying of glaze formulation to see what I can do about this. With its spectacular complexity of color and speckling, I miss this more than perhaps anything else about cone 10 reduction firing—second most-missed for me are the wonderful gradations of toastiness and speckling of the clays themselves.

In Topic: Are Cone 5/6 Ceramics Correctly Referred To As "stoneware"?

29 August 2016 - 01:33 PM

Thank you, Neil. My main concern with the terminology is how I refer to my pottery, say, when I'm posting items on Etsy or describing pieces to buyers at shows. But I am still in that gray area working both with cone 5 and 10, where I have to be careful of which pieces I will glaze fire and which will be taken to my old membership studio for cone 10 firing!



In Topic: Can't See Cones Through Peep Hole

23 March 2016 - 01:13 AM

Excellent advice, PRankin. :D :D

In Topic: My First Wheel

03 March 2016 - 11:33 PM

I, too, will be looking for a second wheel. One thing I'm considering—and you also might want to—is whether you would prefer a removable splash pan that you have to take to the sink to wash, or one with an integral splash pan, such as the Brent, that you have to sponge down.


One plus for the removable splash pan is more versatility—if you wanted to throw huge bowls and platters, for example, you could simply remove the splash pan to make room for a huge bat; with an integral splash guard, you might need to attach a "riser" bat so the bottom of the piece is raised above the level of the splash guard.


On the other hand, not carrying the splash pan to the sink might be a bonus for you.


In Topic: The Holy Grail—A ^10 Clear Gloss Glaze Compatible With Amaco Velvet Underglazes?

03 January 2016 - 01:36 PM

Hi all,


Thank you all for your recent comments. I'd like to find a clear glaze that works over Amaco Velvets because they are not considered food safe unless they are glazed over; and, because they mostly remain very dry matte in finish after firing, I assume that they can't stand up to the abuse that a functional surface might experience—silverware scraping, dishwasher abuse, etc. If I find this "holy grail" clear glaze, I can finally add some new color pop to the functional interiors of my pieces.


I tend to love dry matte finishes, especially including unglazed cone 10 stoneware (Black Mountain!!) and porcelain, but I would definitely love to offer more colorful functional pieces for that large segment of people that want them. Of course, I admit it will be fun for me, too, to have that fresh new palette to play with :) :)


And my two cents about cone 10 reduction? The gorgeous range of glaze complexity and depth; the happy accidents (especially if they outnumber the unhappy accidents that are all too frequent...); the earthiness and complexity of various unglazed stonewares coming out of the fire; the durability and bell-ringing quality of the highly vitrified ceramic. Of course, I fire at cone 10 also because it is what all of my membership studios have used, as well as the colleges where I took my original ceramics classes. The thought of firing a cone 10 gas kiln myself if/when I finally have my own private studio is, quite frankly, more than a little scary—not to mention the prohibitive cost! When I find that studio, I may dabble in some mid-range firing with the electric kiln I will get, but the majority of my work will still be transported to my favorite cone 10 membership studio for firing.


coffeecupsandcuriousities: I haven't yet tested any of the glaze recipes mentioned in this post—I've been absorbing the information coming in. In the new year, I will try the two recipes provided and share pics/info about them.

Mark C: Thanks for the formula! I will try soon as I mentioned above.

Elaine, Humboldt Potter: did you try that recipe yourself yet?

Rayaldridge and Chris Campbell: thank you for mentioning some ingredients to avoid.

and Paul, ChenowithArts: thank you for all of your recommendations and for your formula, which (as mentioned above) I will test and share results of as soon as I can manage in this new year!