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In Topic: Glazing The Bottom Of My Pottery

Today, 08:20 AM

I don't know how much education you have had in ceramics but there is much more to learn about throwing than they teach you in basic classes.  Take some college courses or find a studio with a good teacher.  Check out their work, ignor the fancy glaze look for balance, rim, foot and a handle that looks and feels good.  If you can't afford to do any of this buy some good books on throwing.   Denice

In Topic: Mid-Range Glazes, John Britt

Today, 07:56 AM

I am glad it's finally out, now I know what to ask for Christmas.     Denice

In Topic: How Quickly Do You Get Rid Of Failures?

28 October 2014 - 08:26 AM

I'm pretty much a smasher, I let a few hang around for a while until I need the room.  I have found the ugly pots once they leave your control get a life of their own,  if I see them at an estate sale I will buy them.  I have stolen them from my mother in-laws  house while she was out,  I am currently on the hunt for a stoneware tray I gave my parents.  These pieces wouldn't be considered ugly but they are early pots and are less sophisticated than my current work.   Denice

In Topic: Stuck T.s. Wheel Head!

28 October 2014 - 07:59 AM

I don't have a Thomas Stuart wheel but have you tried heating up the head, I know it won't heat up much but a little might make the difference.  A heat gun or setting a pot of boiling water on it is a couple of ideas I have come up with.  Denice

In Topic: What Is Your Most Valuable Piece Of Equipment In Your Studio?

23 October 2014 - 08:35 AM

My studio with a separate kiln room, it's airconditioned  and heated with lots of windows and lights. Has a great settling system for clay water and  heavy duty  wiring,  having a studio like this is pure luxury.  Denice