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In Topic: Any Experience With Glaze Eraser?

24 December 2014 - 09:54 AM

By "


The wheel version seems way overpriced!  Even the hand held one is more than I want to spend.  I get the industrial hand held diamond pads for smoothing and they work great.  It looks to me like the glaze-eraser pads are just an expensive version of those.

Do you mean the circular pads for use with a hand-held drill?  

In Topic: Tearing Rims (On Purpose)

21 October 2014 - 08:24 PM

The glazes I used are Turkish Amber (Laguna) and Hot Chowder (Spectrum).  Since Hot Chowder runs so much, I kept it mostly on the inside. It does fantastic things with lots of other glazes, but you have to be very careful.  Spectrum changed the name last year, I think, from Hot Chowder to Running Hot Chowder!!!


I like the torn edges rough looking, so I think it works best at hard leather.  The first time I did this was on a tall hand-built vase that I didn't like.  I was planning to recycle the pot so I just started tearing it into pieces. After two tears I saw that the proportions were much better and the torn edge was a delightful design element. 


I had forgotten about that experience until just now, or I wouldn't have posted my question!  Thanks for the memories...

In Topic: Flower Pot Suggestions

21 October 2014 - 08:15 PM

Thanks, all.  From my struggles to clean the various things I have under a variety of pots of geraniums in my kitchen, I think that separate saucers would be easier to clean. (We have hard water and the saucers get pretty ugly after awhile.)

My conclusion so far is that I should ask her what size she wants, and also I should make a bunch and use some myself!  And I will ask her if she wants to keep the plastic pot inside it.

In Topic: Need To Make A Container That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread For Donations

10 June 2014 - 03:38 PM

well, they ASKED for a loaf of bread look!  But I'm curious about your other ideas, Chris?



I think Benzine's first suggestion is what I'll try first, but I might use an actual bread loaf pan as a mold for the bottom and sides and then shape the top by putting a thin slab over my rice-stuffed panty-hose leg. I use that for supporting sides of slab built dishes, but I think I could push the slab into a nice home-baked loaf look using that as a support!  Once I get around to it and get something made I'll report back. 

In Topic: How To Dry A Slab Built Dish Evenly

14 February 2014 - 10:56 AM

Ooohh nuts!  I just wrote an update on the dish, but before posting it I tried to look at emptynester's photo, and when I came back my message was gone.   Well, in brief, no crack yet. Have waxed and partially covered it, now taken it off the pillow. Fine so far. I'll post a photo of the finished piece, cracked or not!  I hope not!!!