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Cobalt Carbonate - 46%

06 January 2016 - 05:56 PM

Anyone ever used a cobalt carbonate that specifies it's 46% on the MSDS?


I ordered a "good deal" on some cobalt carb and can't say I've ever seen it as 46% on the data sheet (usually it says 100%). Molecular formula is the normal CoCO3 I'm used to seeing. 

Not seeing anything on any of the paperwork that suggests there is a "filler".  Was purchased from Arlington International and it's made in China.


Have not yet tested it, but visually it looks like the same pink/purple powder I'm used to seeing in the jar.

Electric Kiln Top Rim Coating?

05 May 2015 - 06:34 PM

Wondering if anyone uses coatings to help protect the top rim of soft brick in their electric kilns?  


Lately I've been having lots of abrasion wear on top rim of my kilns for some reason, not sure if it's careless loaders or short people, haha.  Was considering using a coating of some sort, to help resist the wear a little bit, since I just replaced a lot of brick several months ago.  Not sure what coating would be ideal in this location - thinned kiln mortar/cement, ITC coating, kiln wash, the fancy colloidal silica recipe mentioned in this forum, etc are what come to mind.  I have seen people make fancy plywood jigs that protect the kiln when loading - perhaps I'll make some, but I still want to know about coatings.