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Mason Color Vs Us Pigment?

25 April 2017 - 05:03 PM

Between these two companies that make stains -- are they comparable/interchangeable?  I have always ordered Mason Color stains because that's what my local suppliers stock. I knew US Pigment existed but I never ordered from them or really looked into their product until now.  


Need to order stains and after looking at price comparison I'm seeing the US Pigment stains are significantly less expensive, some of them at 1/2 price and now I'm wondering why?


Two examples:

Mason Color Canary Yellow #6410 = ~$29/lb.......US Pigments Canary Yellow #6410 = $15/lb

Mason Color Dark Red #6021 = ~$53/lb...............US Pigments Dark Red #6021 = $29/lb


The code/# for the stains and names are exactly the same, so I'm wondering how interchangeable they are between companies?  Any reason to stick with Mason Color?

What's Your Favorite Blunger?

17 February 2017 - 02:38 PM

In the market for some new blungers/mixers for studio, wondering what your preference is and why?  


Mainly I've been using the standard paint mixers you get at hardware store, usually the 2.5" diameter for 5-gal buckets, that fits a regular drill's 3/8" chuck.  Somehow destroyed 4 of them in the last  year and I need to buy some more (I guess they were like 5-6yrs old each).  Turns out Home Depot and Lowes stopped carrying the size I prefer and replaced them with a different style with solid fins (they only carry the larger 4" version that fits a 1/2" chuck); I bought one to try out and it seemed to make more of a mess than mix, then last week I saw 1/2 the fins broke off when someone used it.  The only place I've seen the old classic blunger is at Harbor Freight, I don't mind picking up a few of them since they're only $4 each, but while I'm in the market I'm wondering if there is something that's "better" and still cost effective so I can let people who don't seem to care about their equipment, abuse it weekly


Been using for years and cant' get everywhere anymore:



This is what the stores replaced it with:



I used one of these in the past with good luck, but it was a little small (like for a 2gal bucket) and then someone decided they wanted to use it to mix plaster and not clean it afterward...




Anyways, as you can see below there are many different styles -- so I'm wondering who's tried most of them for mixing slip/glaze/misc?