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In Topic: Will I burn my house down?

01 June 2012 - 02:48 AM

From the perspective of a pearson who has an electrician in a family I would like to point out few important things for conecting your kiln to electricity:

1. if your wires are old - replace them, and if you are not an electrician find someone who is expert to do the job
2. it is always better to use stronger wires then you think you might need
3. try to use industrial plugs, they are more resistant
4. make sure that you do not have on same phase all major consumers, like kiln, oven, heaters...

I know there is a difference in US and European standards, but when I installed my kiln, I asked electrcian to check all and to make sure that this wiring is only for kiln, that wires are stronger and asked him to change the plug into industrial one.
My cable or plug are not warimg up at all when firing, and I have also installed safety, overvoltage, and overheat switches.

I keep my kiln in studio, it is just 2" from the walls, but this is not an issue, because our house is build out of solid brick, and on floor I have tiles - meaning no burning materials. Thing is they do not get warm at all.

be carefull, investing money into good wirings is cheaper then rebuliding your house or studio after fire.

In Topic: Disappointed in my new wheel

14 March 2012 - 09:27 AM

So, I bought that Creative Industries Artista.
My local clay supply place had one on floor model where the owner matched the internet price.
I felt good that I was keeping my money local, all the while, appeasing the hub who tightly controls purse strings.

Well, I bought it on a Satruday. 8 days later (this last Sunday), I took her for her first spin.
Boy was I disappointed.
When I was at the supplier, I noticed a slight wobble, but the sales guy (not the owner) told me if I located the high spot, I could whack it with a mallet at home. I asked if that would make the wheel non-refundable, to which to answered "well, Mike doesn't want to take it on return if you're paying by CC, cuz we'll be out the card processing fees".
When I unpacked the wheel, I saw the date 5-25-2005. Good gravy, that wheel has been on their floor for 7 years?

Well, when I threw the first ball of clay, it was impossible to center and pulling a wall was even worse.
Now, I've emailed the owner asking him to refund my money. I do not want to pay to ship it to Speedball (Creative Industries merged with them a few years ago) for repairs. I don't want the supplier to repair it (ie, whack it with a mallet), cuz in my mind, a new wheel, "that has never been used" should perform properly right from the getgo. I did offer to pay for the credit card processing fee as a re-stock fee.

The owner hasn't returned my email after 2 days and now I'm getting nervous that he's not going to be amicable with the deal.

I don't know what to do. I just want to walk away from this wheel and get the Shimpo VL Lite I should have gotten from the start.

Ok. first of all I apologize if I will be little hursh on you, but you should never ever bought that wheel in first place. At the moment sales guy said to hammer it, you should turn your back and leave the store.

But ok...it is mistake, and now what you can do?

I do not know laws in US, but for example in Croatia if you buy something and within 15 days you spot something broken, working incorrectly or so, you have the right to return it to shop, and get refund or replace it with new item. If you see an error after those 15 days you need to send item to service. If service is not been done within 45 days, manufacturer, or general distributor needs to give you new item.

If you do not have sucsess in geting what you have payed for, there is instituton where you can call, explain your problem, and then they will make them by law to refund you all your money plus extra damage you have suffered by their action.

So, this is in Croatia, I am sure that there are some legal obligations of sellers, distributors and manufacturers in US too. So, check what are your rights, in any case do not hammer the wheel, because they will say that you have made this damage, and act ASAP. More time you wait, less chance you have to get things right.

In the future, when you are buying something new, and it has any kind of fault, DO NOT BUY IT, unless you get really big discount and you are sure you can fix the fault for little money.

In Topic: How many firings for underglaze application?

14 March 2012 - 09:14 AM

Ialso apply underglaze on greenware, then bisque fire, then transparent glaze and another firing. It can be done all in one step, but results may be different. Testing is best way to see all posiblle results and decide what you prefer.

In Topic: Throwing out studio water

13 March 2012 - 07:11 AM

There are clay separators from Botz Germany and Rohde which can be installed at any sink, and do not cost so much

example: http://www.bathpotte...sin-ab100/4633/

or: http://www.botz-glas...abscheider/?L=1

So this is just as example, but I think this can be done easily on your own and would cost even less.

Further to this overpricing of potters equipment, I see that in US kilns and wheels are much cheaper then here in Croatia, even in other Europe countries prices are lower then here, but this is probably because we have just 2 suppliers, and one of them is working just with clay and glazes. Other supplier has so high prices that it is cheaper for me to drive 500 km to Austria or Italy to buy something what I need, in case I can not make ti by myself.

For example I ordered new kiln, and it will be 30% lower price then from that supplier in my city. Ok, I will have to wait for it 6 weeks, but still....it is worth of that money.

In Topic: Why Pottery? | March 5, 2012

06 March 2012 - 05:44 AM

Dear Chris,

I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and pottery here is in such low level you couldn't imagine. When I read your posts from US and see how many exibitions, fairs, forums etc you have I wish to pack my bags and move to US. But I do not give up, and hope that people will come to their sense, and move from this consumer/cheap/mass production/eastern/low quality pottery to a unique, hand made with love, and artistic pottery...

There is issue of money. Here people work for ca 1000 USD per month, and they usually can't afford vase or bowl for 100-200 USD or so. They like it, they would love to have it, but it is too expensive for them. However I do not think it will ever extinct because we need to create things, and everybody wants to have something individual, unique.. It is in our nature.