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I'm tempted to take a few sandwich bags of clay to shows so when someone comments how 'easy' ceramics are I can simply hand them a bag and say have at it then.

Already done that. Very liberating.It was decades ago.



This is one of Toms threads(TJR)-I think of him often

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Actually what she said was;"Your mugs are TOO BIG.'She said it about three times. She said;"You can't even see the bottom of them."

I ignored her. The mugs were walking off the shelves. People requested a bigger size mug. They are one pound. A regular size, not too huge. Why do people come into my studio and feel that it is O.K. to complain, to criticize, to find fault? Why didn't she say;"Your eyes are too blue? Or your hair is too wavy?"

I am not going to change my work for her. Why say anything if you can't be positive?

Do you have a sales experience where the person felt it was O.K to find fault? Let's here your stories. Try to err on the positive side if possible.


I make my beer mugs to hold at least two 12 oz beers.  Anything less isn't worth the trouble ;)

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You're not a sage, you can't conform to everyone's wishes so don't take it to heart what she said.


I think in the end, although some make functional ware, some make decorative, we're all artists at heart and being artists, we let our works talk.


Standards and conformity are not our thing - especially when reasoning with picky, petty rotten customers.

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