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Appalachian Center 4 Craft

Smithville, TN | Appalachian Center For Craft

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Appalachian Center for Craft

1560 Craft Center Drive

Smithville, TN 37166




Soft Slab Handbuilding - Liz Zlot Summerfield

May 13-15

Create a variety of functional, handbuilt pots with paper patterns and soft clay slabs, while exploring numerous forms and attachments such as lids, feet and spouts. Featured are demonstrations and discussion of surface treatments using terra sigillata and underglazes on earthenware clay.


Bold Pots - Shadow May

May 20-22

Spend three days in a fun and focused enviroment throwing trays, jars, and bowls and learning slab skills. Create clay slabs without a roller, combine slabs with thrown pieces, use the tarving technique, make lids, handles, and more.


Layered Decoration - Jennifer Allen

May 27-29

Learn more about surface decoration as you combine personal inspiration with new techniques, including slip and glaze applications such as brushwork, slip inlay, sgraffito, slip and glaze trailing, and methods for using wax resist.


Glazing Techniques - Susan DeMay

June 3-5

This glazing workshop goes beyond simple dipping and pouring techniques. Through sequential steps employing wax and tape resist, participants learn ways of developing various motifs.


Architectural Ceramics - Marica Selsor

June 12-July 1

Come learn to manipulate extruded forms, discern absorption tests of clay bodies, design for public spaces, and acquire advanced handbuilding techniques such as handling large slabs, press and ram forming, wrapping around and over forms, using tar paper, and sprigging. Expect to take home no less than two finished pieces.


Ceramic Decals & Screen Printing - Rimas VisGirda

July 10-15

Learn hands-on techniques for producing original decals (here and at home later) using the silk-screen printing process that can be applied and fired onto ceramics, enameled metal and glass, and to any smooth surface. Gain experience printing directly onto fired and unfired clay. Other topics covered include multi-color printing, color separation, and applications to high fire processes.


Paper Clay Sculpture - Rebecca Hutchinson

July 17-22

Explore paper clay as a sculptural medium. Learn about clay preparation, building techniques for using paper clay, surface and color, firing and non-firing options-techniques designed to achieve the qualities of translucency, weightlessness, and sculptural building ease.


Slow Pots – David Eichelberger

July 24-29

Slow down and focus on the details! Start with wheel-thrown and hand-built parts to construct refined forms based on sketches, and then focus on surface details, including handles, lids, and spouts. Each day, highlight one basic object and investigate it in detail.

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