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Glazing The Bottom Of My Pottery

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13 minutes ago, victorialovesbee said:

As a consumer, I prefer glazed bottoms to avoid scratching the plates when you stack them.  I always look for it.  However, the pottery shop I went to last week, who do not glaze the bottoms sell felt to place inbetween.


One cannot glaze the bottoms of most ceramics-Low fire  clay-yes but it does not hold up well and chips very easy.

Look for porcelain smooth white bottoms(feet) or stoneware (brown feet) thats been smoothed down.

The reason is at high temps one cannot use wire stilts to hold up the pots (you will see 3 little spots ) on your wares that are glazed over the bottoms. At high temps these melt. Tougher fired hotter ceramics do not have glazed bottoms for that reason but they will hold up for a much longer time than low fire ceramics.

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