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Clay Body For Lg Sculptures

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My base clay is a cone 5/6 stoneware body. The last firing is Raku. With that in mind, when building a clay body for large sculptures that may have walls as thick as 1 and 1/2 inch, what percentage is considered a good percentage of filler? Why or why not?


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The filler I am speaking of is grog and Kyanite. Kyanite is useful in Raku. Most of my work is Raku. It helps with some of the thermal shock issues and helps reduce cracks in the clay. I do not throw on the wheel. My pieces are hand built. I begin with a solid mass and form my basic shape. At some point I have to hollow out the piece. In some areas of the sculpt, the walls are easily an inch thick. This is what helps support the overall shape. Even pieces that are only 24 inches tall need that thicker wall towards the bottom to provide the support. Compared to some large sculpts I have seen my work is probably not considered large. My largest sculpts have had areas that were 1and 1/2 inch thick possibly thicker. I fire very slow.

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