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Trouble With Dried Out Glaze

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I had a bucket of totally dried out glaze. I slaked it down then ssieved it. I was left with slurry of stuff which would not pass through the sieve. I seived, watered down a number of times and still no go.

So I will test the glaze, minus the gritty stuff before use. the glaze recipe is below. Which component would give this problem.

The fact that I did not use this glaze for years does make it non precious to me but I am just interested as I now do work that I could use bits of glaze to layer onto pieces so saving throwing out these part buckets.

If there is an identifyable chemicla I'll just not waste time with them.

De Boos Mushroom. 

Frit 3134             50

Potash Feldspar 20

Ball Clay C         20

Mg Carb light     10

Tin or Zirc           10

 MNO2                  5

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You might also put the material in hot , almost boiling water to dissolve the soluble salts from the frit plus other stuff that may have formed.



That's exactly what I was thinking- 3134 has a fair amount of soluble material that has probably formed the chunks. It won't blend well.

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