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rayaldridge    276

Did you get a cable with your camera?  As I say, I'm a Linux guy, so my operating system came with a bunch of free software.  When I plug my camera into a USB cable, plug the other end into a USB slot on my computer, and turn the camera on, a dialog automatically pops up and asks me if I want to download the images in the camera. 


For Windows, there should have been a CD packaged with your camera that installs similar software on your machine.  Once installed, you should get the same sort of dialog box when you plug in your camera and turn it on.  Also, some computers will have a slot into which you can stick the removable memory card from your camera, and the card will show up as a drive, with files that can be copied to a folder on your machine.


On my machine, the software automatically saves the images to folders based on the date you're downloading them to the computer.


I might still be confused as to the problem.  I wish I were in your part of Florida-- I could probably get you set up in no time, despite not being a kid.

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