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Newbie Needs Advice

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Hello, I was using Google to find information about ceramics for beginners and I found this website. I saw in an article a ceramic pendant with glass fused onto it (attached file). Can this type of pendant be made with low fire clays and glazes? I have a Paragon Fire Fly kiln-manual type, I just purchased 2 days ago so I'm brand new to ceramics and glass fusing. I was hoping someone could answer my question and make suggestions for a beginner, any suggestions on books to read etc.



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You should consider taking a beginner clay class if there is one near you as you will

be able to shorten your learning curve that way.


This pendant looks fairly simple to make. I would roll out the clay to the thinness you

want, stamp out the shapes you want, let them dry, smooth the deges with a damp sponge,

then bisque them at about cone 06 - 08 ish. Try to handle them as little as possible during

the wet stage.


The glass part I am not expert on ... In the past I have simply sprinkled on crushed

Colored glass ... Leftovers from a friend who works with stained glass ... And low fired



Go to the ceramic arts daily link at the top of this page and see if you can find a lesson

or a video on glass fusing.

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