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Refiring Blisters

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I have a glaze that requires a good soak to smooth out. I have always when blisters remain refire and soak at the cone that the glaze initially required. Would I have any success at refiring and soaking at a lower cone? I've always thought no but on thinking of heatwork done???

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Well success! Not in firing to  a lower temp!!

Thanks TJR who suggested breaking the blisters and refiring at a slower rate towards the end,

I ground the blisters whith a carboradum drill piece, applied glaze to thiose areas and refired, and soaked. Nice smooth pots.

Question  Why would a glaze be listed as cone 6 if it requires a long soak time, would firing it onto cone 7/8 relieve this need? Or maybe it is a cone 4/5 glaze and the blisters are overfiring.....

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