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Custer Chips?

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I bisqued/calcined, come custer chips, in order to make smaller bits for inclusion in clay body for woodfire.

In an attempt to make a shigariki like clay.




There are some dirty bits in the feldspar chips




Some of these bits melted/ sintered at bisque temp, melting to a porcelain bowl





What are these dirty bits?

how do remove these dark bits?


I imagined the feldspar chips would have been cleaner.

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from the pacer mineral site


"In our deposit the predominant mineral is muscovite mica which has been compressed together with several other minerals. In the deposit you will find varying quantities of quartz, magnetite, garnets, biotite mica and soda feldspar."


also from them   "Silver Muscovite & Black Biotite Mica"  this stuff sinters at 1800, both micas


i imagine the black stuff is biotite  im going to try and cull the stuff with a magnet....now to find a big ol' magnet


i googled it but couldn't find a melt temp obviously below cone 04


how bad are the micas and iron going to look in wood fire

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Where do you get custer chips-all I can find are bags of rice chips or regular Potato chips?

We do not have a whole foods in this area.


Try the organic shops, you are somewhat deprived in your choices, they will prob stay longer in the stomach so low GI?

They could give a speckle to your exterior

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