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Hello all!! I am having an issue with my small tiles crazing. Very fine lines are showing up after a month. I am using b mix clay to ^06 first then paint/glaze then firing to ^5. I have made over 100 triangular tiles. Can I glaze them again with clear glaze and fire to a low fire? Or are these trash!!!! Thanks!!! The crazing is actually pretty so I don't have a problem with it as far as visuals. My concern more so is the moisture issue. Linda

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Crazing is generally a fit issue, though it can be from cooling too quickly as well.


Is this a commercial glaze, or one you made?


A low fire clear, would help seal and smooth out the surface, over top the crazing.  Though  a clear, on top of the other glaze, can change the appearance of the lower glaze as well.  

If your clay vitrifies at Cone 5, then it should be non-porous, so moisture wouldn't be a concern.  Though if they are used for food and drink, the crazing will leave places for bacteria to grow.

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There are so mant variables more details would help

Heres a few

is your B mix cone 5 clay?

Is your cone 5 glaze homemade if so what is the formula?

What is the final use of these tiles?counters or bathrooms?-decorations on the wall?

what is your firing and cooling cycles?


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Laguna B mix cone 5 clay. Mayco Clear Brushing Glaze. Speed medium/ Preheat 5 min/ Hold 20 min/ Cool @140


They are for a bar in a restaurant so moisture would be a huge issue!!


I'm not having any problems with the stroke and coat glazes. Just the triangles where I use

a velvet underglaze with the clear glaze.


I guess I'll remake them using a stroke and coat glaze. We just liked the color of the other.

I tried using Laguna's cone 5 glazes, but I really don't like the way they go on and fire. They just seemed so much thicker even when thinning, they thicken up again quickly


Just hate to see these tiles/time/money wasted!!!!!


Thank you!!!!

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