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Rust Red Glaze Recipe

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Does anyone have a "Rust Red" glaze recipe they would care to pass on? Cone 6 oxidation is what I'm hoping for.


I've tried most of the stuff I can find on the internet and usually just end up with brown but I have some store bought stuff that works every time and I'm hoping to somehow not have to get it from them all the time.


Thanks much in advance.

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Harris Red (Revised)

Neph Sye  18.60

Gillespie Borate  9.20

Dolomite  9.20

Talc  9.20

Bone Ash  7.40

EPK  18.60

Flint  27.80

Total 100.00



Red Iron Oxide  11.00


Tends to be more red on stoneware bodies, lighter red on porcelain. Can be really bright brick red on brown stoneware like Standard 112. Looks great with the specks. I usually do a slow cool, 175F/hr to 1550F.

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you have to be very careful about the thickness of the application. Too thick and it goes brown.




This rarely ever goes brown, and my students are not at all consistent in their application. Always red, but in varying degrees of intensity depending on the clay body. Maybe its my firing schedule, but it's very dependable for us. This is also modified from the original Harris Red recipe.

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I have see this referred to as  C. Harris Temoku.  I like it best on speckled brown clay.  Have not tried it on the black clays.   It gets a bit of green speckles where it pools.  I use Spanish Red Iron Oxide.  Want to try it with Crocus Martis.

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