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Adding Colorant To A Glossy White Crackle Raku Glaze

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OK - third time's a charm as they say - still looking to find a green celadon glossy crackle raku glaze recipe to replace one that our studio instructor removed for our use due to propriotory reasons. Question: can stains such as Mason stain be used with a basic white crackle glossy or clear crackle raku glaze to create the green celadon color I am after? What have been the Forum's experiences with this thought? - Scott

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Some crackle whites have an opacifier added in the reap to make them white. This can be necessary if your rake clay is pink in the bisque stage rather than white.

Mason stains can be used to color glazes if that is what the reference codes indicates. You need to know the recipe of the glaze before you add a particular Mason stain. Reference codes

recommend some stains be used with 6-8% or so calcium or not with Zinc. So read the guidelines (reference codes).


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