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Pencils To Mark Clay & Glaze Samples?

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I will be making a number of sample pieces for clay and glaze examples, but would

like to make little notes on the back of them. Someone told me an underglaze decorating
pencil is needed. Is there not a generic pencil that will not burn off in a kiln?
$11.95 and shipping leads me to think I'll just carve notes instead. :huh:

Many thanks!

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if you number the tests with a stylus and keep notes on what is on each test in a paper book or a computer, you will be able to make a longer note.  then when you decide to alter the test recipe in some way, you will have a place to write results and additional notes.  later, if you really want them on the test itself, write the notes in a fine point Sharpie once they are fired.  this all assumes the tests are large enough for notes.

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Jean Otis made her own ceramic "leads " for mechanical pencils using Mason stained colored clays. She fired them to a low bisque and inserted them into th pencil. She used the small hand extruder to form the leads.

BTW Jean demonstrated these at an NCECA many years ago. She shared.



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