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Increase the air circulation by raising the batts up off the shelf with scraps of wood (or whatever).


Other thing you can do is to flip them upside down, put a foam circle on the inside of the plates (then a couple spare batts on top of the foam to raise it up when flipped over)  so the bottom of the batts is exposed, I do this with my big platters as it helps stop the rims from turning up quite as much. If you don't have foam you can make do with using the foam from the cone boxes and piece 2 together to make it big enough.


Don't use the batts again until they are thoroughly dried out, putting them outside dries them pretty quickly or ontop of the hot water tank. High humidity areas are going to take longer obviously.

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Thnx Min for your response. I've done all you suggested over the last 6 days...the last two being upside down ...with a fan ...but plastic around the rims. (Never used foam?) My concern now is are they EVER going to pop off and if so (without forcing) am I going to be able to foot them! You are right. I'm sure they (the bats) never really dried out as I had done 6 previously and it has been very humid here. A lesson learned I guess....but they feel really dry now!?


My other problem (you mentioned in passing) is I'm thinking the rims are pulling up (drying faster?) because I had to refoot my previous ones as they would end up raised in the middle ... Or spinning on that middle foot ring (which after losing a few I eliminated). I don't ever seem to remember having such a problem. What do you find is the best way to dry plates and platters. Upside down? Right side up with a heavy bat on top?


And clay lover... What's/is there a difference between plaster and hydro? I just find my old plaster bats uneven, and I like the convenience of pins.

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