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When Mile High Ceramics went out of business a few years ago, my understanding is that they took with them their private formulas for Jiki and Zen Porcelains.  Does anyone know if these recipes are "out there" for our use? 


If not, we might be able to come up with raw, unfired samples of these clays in the hope of sending them somewhere for chemical analysis.  Is there a place to do this? 




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Not sure but it seems like an undertaking much like the absynth connoisseurs undertook when trying to recreate an original recipe from long ago. Is there anything wrong with the porcelains that you can source yourself? Or looking for a specific quality that the others dont have? Maybe it could be something simple that you could add and experiment with that one of the veterans could chime in on. I have not thrown with porcelain myself.

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I work at a local studio that wanted those clays, so I was looking for the formulas so they could make their own version of the same procelains.  As it turns out, I think a member of the family that used to run Mile High Ceramics is going to start a new clay company and will bring back Zen and Jiki.  I hope. 


There are plenty of porcelains (pre-made) that you can buy, and each one has its own characteristics.  But if this new company works out, we will have the specific clays we had in mind. 


Thank you for your interest and suggestions.  I appreciate your time. 

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