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Layna Portugal

Pottery And Earth Movement

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   At suggestion of Linda Stover of Ceramics Monthly, I am posting this idea on the forum.  I believe that none of us is as smart as all of us.


I think there is a natural "fit" between ceramics and the Earth Day movement.  We cannot claim to save the earth, but we use the "earth" in our daily work, creating "Earth Art" so to speak.Ceramic literature is filled with references to earth and geology.  Even the word, "earth", has ART in the center.


Personally, some of my work is called "The Earth Speaks" and my foreign language background, as well as English as a Second Language, has led me to call my business, Earth as a Second Language.  issues of Ceramics Monthly have, "Earth Moves," "Geographies of the Mind," "From the Ground Up," "Poetic Nature," "Geology and Nature", to name a recent few.


I am part of a potters group, who for the last 22 years, has helped our YMCA raise funds.  They GIVE us a wonderful space for a Friday night, Saturday & Sunday sale just before Thanksgiving, and we give them 20% of our sale, with a floor and ceiling.  Each must earn/give the Y a minimum of $200 (20% of $1000, and no more than $500 ($2500 in sales).  Potters keep the rest.   We have raised $86,000 for the Y, and all of us have done well too….some more or less than others. 


Thus, I'm thinking that ceramists could work with a/some "Save the Earth organization(s), simultaneously raising funds both for themselves and the selected organization,(s)


I have no idea what scale tho could be done on, (town, city, region, state, national, or some combination there in), or how to find/designate organization(s) that could help us while we help them.


Just a thought,

Layna Portugal

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