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Ready Made Celadon Glaze For High Fire- Gas ...like Coleman

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Commercial glazes for cone 10 aren't nearly as common as for lower temperatures, but there are some out there. You may have a hard time finding them pre-mixed, though, because brushed on glazes at cone 10 generally come out looking pretty splotchy and uneven, since they tend to be very picky about thickness of application. You should be able to find some cone 10 glazes in dry form, though, which simply require mixing with water and sieving.


Just do  Google search and you'll find some options.

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I have seen posts about premixed glazes quite a bit lately.  Perhaps there were always questions, but I am noticing them more.  Linda my suggestion is to go and get Tom's book and then buy the dry materials and then mix your own.  It is really pretty easy once you get the steps down, and there are many videos on how people mix their own glazes.  If you are going to buy premixed dry glaze you will need to buy buckets, a respirator and a sieve.  To mix your own the only other tool you need is a scale, and many already have that. 


The cost will be about 10% what you would pay for dry mixed glazes.  I say give it a try and test.  Then after a few glaze batches you can experiment with a base glaze of your own and then the real fun begins.


Trust me!

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Yeah it's for sale.

What recipe?

How many grams you want?


There are biz' out there that will mixer your glaze.....



If you want a Coleman recipe. make or have so one make it for you.




If I'm wrong I' apologize....

If you have acesss to the equipment, or,acess to people with the equipment and or knowledge to fire a Coleman celadon appropriately.... Which has very specfic needs to be successful

Why are you asking here. Your kiln mates or you should know the answer to your question.

So I'm throwing the "proverbial" flag here.





You have 2 posts with a vaguely commercial like name. No info in your profile. No picture in you gallery.

If you are a business or working for a business.... Buck up and pay the consultation fee.

I can refer to to a fine consultant that will make this happen for you. Some who may or not be participators with this forum.



So unless you prove otherwise I have no information for you

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