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Duncan Da820-2 Good Choice For Beginner?

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I'm going to look at a secondhand kiln tomorrow, and wondered if this sounds like a decent one for a beginner.  It's supposedly never been used (lady's mom bought it and then got sick).  She's asking $400.  It comes with 3 shelves but no posts, so I'd have to buy those. 


I have a skutt 231 that was given to me, but I don't have furniture with it and it seems too huge for my needs.  It seems to make sense to sell it and get a smaller one.  Any advice would be appreciated!

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If the bricks are in good shape then it's likely worth it. Take a look at the elements. They shouldn't look fried or rusted or brittle. Coils should be standing upright, not sagging down on each other. Open the control box and check the wires. They should be flexible and not crunchy when you bend them. If the the elements need changing it will cost you a couple hundred dollars. If the wires need changing it will cost tens of dollars. If you can plug it in and test it then do. Call Paragon and make sure it's a model they still have parts for. Try to get the down to $300 regardless!

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