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Glasses Are Pinging By Themselves

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For the last year all of the mugs I've made, no matter how long they've been around for, make a strange pinging sound.  It sounds like someone taping on them with a small metal object.  almost like some hitting a chime. 

We thought it was just long term cooling, but these have been around for 6 months.  My kids say it's a ghost tapping on the glasses.  You'll be sitting next to the mugs and you'll hear a small soft, "ping....", "Ting....", "Ting, Ting...."  Sometimes it sounds like a song when there's a bunch of mugs on the table.


Is this just ceramic chemistry or do I need Ghost Adventures???



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That would be crazing that you hear. Glaze doesn't fit the clay, need to lower the expansion of the glaze.   If you do a search using the words coe or coefficient of expansion there are lots of good threads discussing this.


Good news is that you don't need a ghost exorcism. ^_^

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