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Small Kiln Option

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So Ive been teetering back and forth on this idea. Ive been wanted to mess around with some more glass by testing out some glass clay medium. Kinda like Pate De Verre but doesnt need a mold. Frit to me can get costly and being I work in the restaurant business I have plenty of access to glass for experimenting. Ive dont pot melts etc so far so this is the next step. The glassy clay technique utilizes powdered, if not very small, frit. Ive used a crusher and well....its a pain in the butt. So Ive been looking at some small kilns to use as a glass melter/test kiln. Reason being in my search for easier ways to make frit I stumbled across this pic on Paragons site.




Even though she is making stringers or rods of glass I thought why not flip and have a small kiln, with the use of ceramic fiber board, like this to make frit. Even if the glass is slow and gradual it will still create "dutch teardrops" that when the glass tails are broken will burst into powder. So you have the kiln, lid removed, flipped onto some fiber board with a pot melt during firing, then dripping into a container of cold water. Beats the slow process of heating, not too mention the purchase of a crucible(s), of glass in a kiln, then pouring it into the water. I thought about using one of my kiln sections and fiber boarding the top and bottom to accomplish this, but the cost of that might just make it worth while to just buy a kiln. Which in turn I could use for glaze testing etc. It seems shes (in the photo) using the Paragons Caldera Kiln. Its in a modest price range. Im not sure if I covered my bases but since its late Im going to leave it at that.



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