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Meeting Doo-Seun Kim & Glaze Question

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I had an amazing experience by chance meeting a 77 year old Korean potter who has been at it for the past 50 years. I wanted to share it with you all.




I'm not sure where else in the forum to post this but I did have a question on the glaze so I chose to post here. let me know if it should be moved elsewhere. 


From what I gather in what little I could find on the web the glaze is called Bun Cheong or Bun-Chung. Its a green that breaks to brown where applied thinly and related to the Korean celadon glazes. I didn't get a chance to really get into depth with her as her translator was not the best. It looked kind of like an ash glaze. You can see best I think in this picture of a lidded pot a bought from her. Could this still be an ash based glaze? Its beautiful and very dynamic yet naturally so.




There were also water jars that were ash glazed and were more what I expected an ash glaze to be.



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