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Mark C.

Molokai Salt Fire Unloaded

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Today the art center as a team effort prepped the pots with wadding and moving the wares and we loaded I think may be the 1st high fire salt fire on Molokai.

Today was perfect as it did not rain during the loading

We will fire kiln tomorrow and will unload on Saturday

We made some soda tacos to toss in as well as the salt

Which will be put in the traditional way via salts ports into flame trough next to bag wall as well a spraying through burner ports.

The best part is every pot fit into kiln just perfect no left overs

I,m pretty excited and as a bonus get to do some early am bodysurfing if the swell comes in as predicted

Before salt fire gets going good temp wise.

Here's the load ready to go.

Well the photo gods are not with me as they rejected the photo no matter what I did

I deleted some to add more space but still it's a no go

It worked last night on this I pad but I have had photo issues before here and will let it pass

So imagine a salt load stacked at least till I get back to mainland and resize the photos .

There are few photos of kiln on the Molokai

Clay events thread


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Kiln went from 7:30 am to 6 pm

Windy most of day with slight showers

Took 50#s of salt

Introduced by paper salt filled tacos as well as angle iron filled and dumped as well as heavy salt solution sprayed into bag wall with a metal tipped garden sprayer .

Staring salting at cone 9

The rings look great

This was a team effort

Will wait 1:1/2 days to cool

I feel we will have a very good pebble looking at the rings

This kiln load is my last job at Molokai arts center as I have passed on how to do this process for them to do this again here

It will be hard to leave this but I feel I have laid the ground work for more to continue.

I have met many a good friend here and all thru a mutual love of ceramics


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Well after a day and a half cool we unloaded the salt kiln

The results even surprised me as they were spectacular

There were NO dry spots and all the work got glazed well.

Some pots where spectacular but all where very nice

There was much excitement during the unload and we put it all out on tables in order of its layers in kiln

Considering this was the 1st salt fire in this converted kiln even I thought it would take some fine tuning

The bag wall height was a guess for me somewhat

Even the pots in the flue area worked well.

I packed this load tighter than usual but the 55#s is salt introduced 3 ways worked well

We tossed in about 8 soda tacos and about 10#s via a garden sprayer the rest was dumped in via angle iron

The kiln being all soft brick had a few eaten spots but generally held up well as I had coated it twice with to different coatings

I feel they now can fire this again on there own not that they know how

I,m proud to have helped fire the 1st salt kiln on Molokai as well as moving some ceramic knowledge on ,on this Island

I, m found of this little arts center and what's going on here in ceramics

Considering the small population on Molokai it's really amazing

They are a struggling newer non- profit and any help is good as I want them to succeed and Really like the folks involved.

I,ll add some photos when I get home in a few days

I have a few days left and 4 flights before I need to make a few kiln loads for a big show at UC Davis on Mother's Day weekend

As of now I,m feeling the high of a job well done

Mark on a Molokai

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