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Best Books (And Glaze Recipes) For "raw Glazing"?

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I found these 2 books that look promising for getting useful information on raw glazing techniques. Can anyone recommend either of these, or is that another book you'd recommend over these?


The Japanese Pottery Handbook: Revised Edition


Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook




Greg K.

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check out Steven Hill's video.  He does single fire, but you need to be able to spray them, dipping will result in major breakage.  I think any glaze that meets your clay-firing needs will be fine for single fire.  Only porcelain clay, though, since there will be no bisque to burn out clay junk.  The firing schedule is also different, a combined bisque-glaze that does both jobs.

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Glazes with approx 20-30% clay content are ok for raw glazing, just need to test..

I've raw glazed in this way:

Pots dry side of leather hard

Best to glaze interiors, leave to dry then glaze exteriors,  cuts out no. of failures.

Can dip , need a nice foot!, whole pot but do not linger in the glaze bucket..... big pieces , have not tried.

I took them up as to bisque as normal then booted it as for glaze the rest of hte way.

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Guest JBaymore

Haven't checked this thread before this...... figured someone else would have mentioned this already.


Here's the best one at the moment: http://www.amazon.com/Potters-Guide-Raw-Glazing-Firing/dp/0684163926


OLD book............ some info will be outdated (in the sense that some materials mentioned may be out of production).


I have a copy SOMEWHERE ;)


The Japanese Pottery Handbook (I also have had for years) is not really what you are looking for.


Hope that helps.





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