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Took my kiln out of 17 year storage. Tried to fire to cone 04. Set timer to 10 hours and placed cone in kiln sitter and knob to " ceramics". It cut off at 10 hours but plate didn't drop on cone. I did have to replace the knob, as it was missing, yet it isn't quite the same as before and clicks for high fire, ceramics and overglaze are not where the wording is. I assumed the second click would be the " ceramics". What is your suggestions or knowledge on how to fix this issue with firing and/or should I buy the complete switch? Or would you think the switch is an issue? All coils are working. Or buy a news kiln? Could I turn it back on for more hours and see if it will reach the cone temp or start over? Thank you in advance. I I have a Duncan Teacher Plus

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Marcia! I live in McAllen!!! Hi neighbor!! Duncan is no longer, so I am dealing with Paragon who took over Duncan.

The kiln cooled down finally for me to remove my test tiles. I did not place witness cones in ( I should have). The cone in the sitter didn't budge. I'm thinking it is the kiln sitter issue. Probably the rod. I will order a new one. Meanwhile , I'll glaze and fire to the mature firing to cone 5 with witness cones in place and set the timer. And see how that does. The test tiles look like they fired fine to bisque. Wish me luck!! BTW. I'm rebuilding the Santa Fe Cantina bar ( not sure if you come up here) again as I did 17 years ago. So I am rolling out slabs to make tiles with carvings of Petroglyphs.

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