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Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

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#161 Kristin_Gail


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Posted 25 June 2014 - 02:07 PM

Just in case anyone is hanging on the edge of their seats:


I spoke with numerous potters; no one was willing/able to help me.  So I gave it a go alone again.


The temperature stopped rising at 2175 (an additional two tanks and new regulator gave me 200 degrees!  Woo!) - I held there for quite a bit, then shut it down.  I reached anywhere from Cone 4 to Cone 6.  Still that same flame that just goes through one shelf and out the flue.  Still only one shelf with any reduction.  I used twice the amount of soda as I had in the past (2 kg in this 19 cu ft kiln), and there's really no evidence of having added more than before.  I believe the majority of it is going up the chimney (which, at that point, is less than 1" open at the damper).


In any event. This system, I believe, is fried. Done.  The amount of heat radiating from the two burners - and the gauges just behind them - is absurd.  I can't fathom the inter-workings to be still functioning properly.  (The heat in the burners is almost immediate upon lighting, as that blue flame is in the throat [but not to the orifice].)


Currently in the Frustrated stage, scheming about building a wood kiln.

#162 JBaymore



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Posted 25 June 2014 - 02:21 PM



God I wish I was nearby.  What likely gave you the 200 degrees is the higher pressure on the downstream side of the (still) crappy (cheap) regulator.  More BTU/hr available.


IF that burner system is putting out about 200,000 BTU/hr when the system is fully cranked up, you should be able to FILL that chamber with the products of combustion and have the flame front burning off in the base of the chimney.


If you can't get that kind of situation to happen when the kiln is at about 1700 F or so (create 'backpressue' with flames licking out of every crack and crevice in the kiln)......... we are likely right back to the burner setup.


Still could be your adjustment.... but it is not sounding that way to me.





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#163 Mark C.

Mark C.

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 02:33 PM

speaking of basics please refresh my memory on how many cubic foot your interior is (the whole space)

Our 24 cubic salt kiln  is run on 4 MR100 burners (they do not have much reserve left when firing-like none)

Its also natural gas a tad less BTUs than your propane and the presure is 1/4 #.


I'm thinking you are still under powered with those regulators

The 4 tanks will help you down the road so do not get bummed out.

Hey is the snow gone yet and is the outside temp above 50 degrees in daytime?Now that the days are getting shorter?


Mark Cortright

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