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Mark C.

Molokai Workshops At Molokai Arts Center This Month

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I will be be doing some workshops at the Molokai Arts Center for those on Molokai
The dates are April 16th noon to 6 pm
And on the the 19th 3 to 6 pm
I also am converting a 12 cubic gas kiln to a salt kiln this week and we will fire a salt fire on the 22nd 23rd
Or 24th yet to finalized.
These are for members of the Mac as well as a Maui community collage class
But I,m sure non members for a fee would work as well.
The 16th will cover what it takes to support yourself with clay as well as production tips and throwing.
The emphasis will be from a production potters point of view.
So if you're on Molokai this month stop by the MAC in the town of Kualapu'u
Mark Cortright
Liscom Hill Pottery

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Made some real progress on salt kiln conversion today and yesterday

Added salt ports and ring pull port as well as protection tube for thermocouple

Shelves got ground-wash made

Kiln sprayed inside

Salt glazes mixed up

Salt fire next week is shaping up.

The centers tech Kathleen has been a huge help

Along with others


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Photos to come to busy today with classes to take any.Maui community collage students this am

Art center folks in afternoon

Salt fire shaping up on the 24

Kiln is almost prepped for salt

This may be 1 st salt fire on Molokai ever ?

Ground breaking stuff

I really like this sleepy art centerand it's participants

It's been a ton of work for many but it will be. Worth it.


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Posting photo seems an issue with I phone or I pad to site-I am trying not to go on rant about the photos with this site

Let's just say

Spent way to long fighting the software

Will post small photos next month from a real computer

Let me describe it palm trees aqua colored warm water

12 cubic foot kiln that needs lots of alterations and spraying

Bag walls and posts need costing steel skin need holes cut as well as soft brick ports

Selves need grinding and washing

Salt glaze and slips need mixing

Hey what about all the other stuff we need bra- oh ya that all needs doing to

New pyro protection tube and digital meter install and 1'ooo other things to bra

Uh- oh it's raining again get it all inside - hey bra it rains about every day a few times

Man these shelves are heavy

Hey when we get to go swimming?????

Big wind again

Palm trees bent over - good kite weather

Let's take today off and go hiking and swimming


Mark on Molokai

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Got this photo link working finally

Here is last weeks progress

Cutting salt ports spraying interior

Since then-

I have coated two different coatings

Added a hard brick coated bag wall and have all shelves ground and washed

Added a protection tube and new digital pyro and thermocouple

Will load mid week and fire Thursday


This kiln will have very limited life and will die from salt firing

It's soft brick on the thin edge with 2 1/2 inch wall thickness with steel skin and fiber outer skin

Sprung arch

Downdraft. With 4 natural burners and propane fired

They used to fire to cone 10 in this kiln before it was replaced with an Olsen kit kiln

Kiln was very wet and we have spent some time firing it dry.

I plan on salting -dumping salt thru the ports into flame/ trench as well as spraying salt via a sprayer thru burner ports into the hard brick bag wall

I,ll be easy with spray as it can dissolve sift brick

Not sure how many fires they may get before this kiln is toast

My guess is 6 fires

I just may have to return in a year or two and fire this kiln again

If there is anything left.

I just hope to get it up to temp.

Mark on Molokai









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