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Hydro-Bat, Wonder At, Speedball Bat, Or Birch Wood Bats?

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#21 Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor

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Posted 04 April 2014 - 09:33 PM

I have used Masonite bats for decades, but I coated them with a light coating of urathane varnish. Ztudents would really water log these bats. So, for the classroom and for myself, I protected them with the varnish. I did this to some particle board and plywood bats from the 1970s. Still have them. they are in good shape.

#22 CMCook52



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Posted 04 April 2014 - 10:24 PM


I guess I am the odd man out on bats. I get my bats from a local cabinet shop!!! What I mean is I get the sink cut outs from laminate counter tops. The guys are happy to give them to me because they don't have to carry them to the trash. I get three bats out of each cut out. I rough out the squares, find the exact center point, bore a small hole on the center point, and cut them out on my bandsaw with a circle jig. Then on the center line I bore my holes for the bat pins. Then I round over the top and bottom edges and sand smooth. Lastly I apply three coats of poly to seal. I have used these for two years and they are doing great. After I remove them from the wheel, I wipe them down really good - top and bottom. One note, the tops are 3/4" thick so they are a little heavy but they do hold up well. So far I have gotten 45 bats out of the cut outs the shop has given me and they tell me if I want more let them know. I realize everyone doesn't have the ability to make their own bats, I just wanted everyone to know there are other ways to get bats rather than buying. 


It is a funny thing, when you retire you learn to become very resourceful in a lot of ways!!!!!








See my post above. The bats I use all the time are made from particle board"sink holes", which I made myself in my high school wodshop. Been using them for 30 years. Just started using the masonite bats this week. Lighter, smaller profile on the table, and less space to store. I varisished my bats originally with Marine varnish. I never wash them. Just scrape them.



Sorry TJR

I read the post but was not sure what arborite was. I had been using tempered Masonite bats for several years too, but I like the weight of the sink cut outs better. I think I still have 30 1/4" Masonite bats that I still use occasionally.



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Posted 05 April 2014 - 12:36 AM

Creative industry bats now speedball bats...not the square ones tho they are too small for me, always stubbing my fingers on them.

The 14 inch are great, my original 14 bats i bought while in college literally went thru a hurricane and while have a couple of bite marks from hitting trees and whatnot still work fine and makes a good story while demoing for class. I recently bought 14 more as when i demo at a three day show in july i need more to hold what i produce. Mine have not warped nor the holes wallowed out. And the holes fit both the brents and speedball wheels. The holes are easy to line up cause there are little nubs on the edge of the bat to tell you where the holes are so you can line up to the pins . The fun part is slamming the clay down cause if you hit the bats just right with the clay lump they make a very loud noise and it is perfect to get the attention of students that are slow to gather around for a demo.

I didn't like the brent bats too much tho i do own and use some as they came with a used wheel i bought but the holes of the brent bats wallow out, i am constantly stuffing clay over the pins when i use the brent bats so the bat doesn't shift. I did buy one of the brent 20” bats tho to throw platters on and as long as the holes don't start to wallow it is good.

#24 Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor

    Professor Emerita, Montana State University-Billings

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Posted 05 April 2014 - 07:31 AM

I still have a few sink hole cut bats from 40 years ago. I didn't like the ones with laminate . Got a good sliced hand before sanding it.

Many of my bats predate my retirement. They last a long time. 


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